Why aren’t riots happening in the USA! YET

This in my opinion and not based on scientific polling or info of any sort. So no links or data.

  1. Americans still have it pretty good. Luxury goods like an Ipad/phone, food and energy are still cheap compared to the rest of the world as a percentage of income.
  2. We hide our poverty better: Food stamps(SNAP cards) and foreclosures are rampant but we don’t really see it unless we go looking for it. 
  3. Flyover country still produces food and energy. Look at the states that have growing economies share a few traits in common. They produce food or energy and those items can’t be outsoursed. They tend to have lower taxes than costal states and they are conservative red states. 
  4. We are armed as citzens. Except for a few states and cities most folks have guns. You can see a corelation beteween riots/violence happen in the most anti-gun cities and states.
  5. We can still move freely to a different state that has very different mindset. i.e. California to Texas, NY to Florida to get lower taxes. If you have money you can move to a different state and keep more of your money.  The average EU citizen/small business, does not have that options. God knows an average Joe in China is stuck where he is at, if he is lucky he won’t get sent to a camp or to a new city and lose his support network and contact with his family. 
  6. They didn’t get the guns first: When Obama was elected there was a run on guns and ammo. A few anti-gun ideas have been tried via the backdoor the UN treaty, gunwalker, the Giffords shooting and all have failed so far…. 

I’m not sure how everything will shake out economically or politically.  I think the PTBs would like mass lawlessness so they can declare Martial Law.  Remember W. declared a “state of emergency” in 2001 that has not been recinded. I trust my neighbors a hell of lot more than I trust the PTBs. You wonder why they play class and races against each other? So we will beg to be protected. I don’t think it’s working out so well.


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