Sunshine was a bit of a bust this weekend for the solar oven

     Hot, muggy and cloud cover, so the solar oven was a bit of a bust this weekend. That’s okay I want to get an oven thermometer to test how hot the oven gets anyway. I did get to batches of beer bottled the last couple of days and really scrubbed up a bunch of beer bottles. I’ve been using Dos Equis 12 oz bottles and they use really good labels and glue on them. These are great bottles for gifts, barter and taste testing. You aren’t out much if you don’t get the bottle back.  Though I have to say most folks are really good about saving bottles for me. Now I’m missing all those good boxes I tossed for bottles. It’s amazing how a few bits of cardboard can make in storing and moving stuff around so much easier. I have to get things organized to make everything a simple as possible. But it’s coming along and now it’s straight forward and much easier than the first batched I brewed and bottled.   
     My loom is in and I’m very excited about it. But I don’t think I’ll start right away on weaving as I have few other projects to get done. LOL  I added the folks I bought it from to “my places to shop”. It’s cheap and all kinds of projects that can be done. If you are a home schooler, I think you should check it out. It covers all kinds of things from arts & crafts to robotics, geology to solar cells. Theory is good but I believe nothing can replace” hands on” lessons. Darn cheap on the kits and I’ve had good luck using them. Check out science and stuff.


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  1. Right you are theory is wonderful.If you know the theory eventually you can put it to use. But in the real world,hands on experience will show the flaws in the theory,and there are Always flaws!ChinaIII

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