Canned bacon and bottled butter

I have found something that is more tedious than waiting for water to boil after adding LME for beer making. It’s waiting and adjusting an electric burner to get the pressure correct on a pressure canner. With the additional incentive that a canner can blow up and all the wort can do is make a mess. So off to the new adventure….
    How I canned bacon:  I got 4# of Albertson’s thick sliced bacon (my favorite) and rolled some in parchment paper and a cut up brown paper bag. I wanted to see if I had a preference. Any where from 12-14 strips seemed to be a good size for a wide mouth quart canning jar. Lay out paper, bacon then paper and then folded in half. parchment paper will allow you a few more strips than the brown bag. I live at altitude so I needed 12 # pressure for 90 minutes, my stove really seem to like 13 # of pressure compare to 12 #. I’d rather be a bit overpressure than under for processing meats. Anyway 4# of bacon = 4 wide mouth quart jars. I had my little instruction guide that I referenced from start to finish to make sure I followed all the steps for safety. I also had another job to keep me in the kitchen so as not to get bored playing with the heat to keep the pressure at the correct level. Trust me you are committed to paying close attention to your canner if you want to be safe. So I bottled some more butter.
       Bottled butter the sequel: I used 1/2 pint wide mouth jars this time instead of pint reg. mouth jars for a couple of reasons. If you have use reg. jars it’s hard to get at some of the product, and if we are looking at a lack of electricity a half pint of butter is used rather quickly after opening and should not spoil even without a fridge. Plus I think they may make good gifts and barter items. I prefer small amounts for those kinds of things. 5# of butter will do about 6 pint or 12 1/2 pint jars, with just a little left over. If  some of your jars don’t seal, just put in the fridge and use first.
I used a combo of info for bacon, Enola Gay, and the folks at Rural Revolution for the basics on canning bacon. Kellene Bishop at www. for the bottled butter. If you want to do any of this search their websites on how and why you should do butter and bacon yourself and add it to your preparing.

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