I got a good bit accomplished so far this month

      Found some great buys this week 2 brand new women winter dress coats at the Macy’s outlet $6.00 each. I think these will make great gifts. So all of the gals in the family will get either sweaters or a coat. I already got a few little knick knacks and fun gifts covered.  About all I have left is the kids (3 grand nephews) and my Dad and he is hard to shop for.
Big day internet shopping  day got 2 gravity fed ceramic water filters(sportsmanwarehouse) and my my reloading kit (lee anniversary kit). I think I only have a solar panel set up and I should be set on all major purchases I want. Solar panels are coming down in price and I hope they go a little lower this fall and winter time frame. For a couple of hundred bucks you can get a nice little solar set up and keep some lights and low wattage stuff going.
    I’m not gloating, but I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish in about 3 years on a small budget. You can do it as well. I’ve sacrificed some giving up debt as a way of life. But it’s really paying off now. You can get a flat screen 32″ TV for as low as $225.00 new. Instead of the $400+ when they first came out and now I can easily swing that cause I don’t have credit card/debt payments and interest eating me alive. Plus I’d admit to some unholy glee knowing I’m not filling the pocket of some bankster, utility company, or some crony corporation by paying cash, getting stuff second hand, growing and preserving my own food.
   A lot of this preparing does involve doing thing for yourself and learning new skills which I really enjoy. From baking bread and canning  to reading and researching ways to do things. Some folks I think get a bit crazy cause prepping never ends. But I enjoy always tweaking my plans and the next challenge. I guess I have moved from the mindset of “Now What?” to embrace “What will I do or learn next?”.
     For me prepping is an Adventure, not easy,  if simple. Always learning something new from the high tech to the low tech and making it work together.

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