Cleaned up the house today!

    Okay, I know that normal for most folks, but I wiped down walls and the lower cabinets, scrubbed floors and vacuumed floors,  filters and behind the fridge. Scrubbed 2 cases of beer bottles and placed food and spices in canning jars. I like the look of canning jars for kitchen storage and they are practical as well.
    Ordered 2 ceramic water filters and my reloading setup this week. This was my month to concentrate on some equipment  I wanted and it went on sale so I got it.  Mom’s Solar set up is just about complete, just lacking a big  inverter and it should be here next week. Dad did the  work on the setup. I think he is starting to see some of the positives of Solar energy.
     I keep forgetting I’m the odd one and not “normal”. I think everyone should think like I do about politics, the economy and other stuff, and they don’t. Most of my family is much closer to “normal” than me and my Mom. We have stored the basics and then some for the the rest of the family. I’ve only got about 5 more gifts to buy this year for birthdays and Xmas.  
     But it’s all good, cause I’ve never been normal, and I like it! It takes a hell of lot of courage to be different. I’m no hipster to have to prove I’m different. I’ve never been cool and never followed the crowd. Just contrary I guess. On any day on the freeway you have seen “Normal”. It’s overrated!

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