Great deal CBS retire at 38 and get a 40% E6 pay.

$1400 a month that is a fat pension for an E-6?. Trust me no E1 are going to be E1 for retirement as the military does up or out. How many of you must prove your physical fitness? Run at least 2 miles, PU and SU and usually a bit more to keep your job? How about starting your day at 6:30 am finishing at 5:00 pm in garrison at best. Or after a terrorist attack you do 12-20 hour days on guard duty no weekends or holidays.  Or you are ordered to a warzone and go all out for 3 weeks and you get about 15 hours of sleep for that 3  months. We have been at war for over 10 years and multiple deployments. CBS if doing 20 in the service is so easy. Why don’t folks do it? Because it ain’t easy!
I loved the Army and I’d have retired if I wasn’t medicaled out at 13 years.F *** you CBS. We don’t expect special treatment. If you have a problem with wars talk to your Congress critter. The Military caries out orders from the civilians, they don’t make the orders.
    Military is your cheapest government worker. You got a problem with pensions look at your GS workers or congress critters and what they make after 5 years of service. It’s so freaking easy CBS why aren’t you signing up for a tour of duty ?It’s easy according to CBS. I was Army I’m geussing the Marines were a tad more physical. No I didn’t serve in a warzone. Yet I crushed 3 vertabrea in my back, blew out both knees, Tendonitist in 2 shoulders and carple tunnel in elbows and hands. Hell I didn’t even get shot at or blown up by the enemy.  I did it all in training. So do 90days of real duty CBS before you state joining the Military is a cake walk and an easy retirement at 40 years old.

2 Responses to Great deal CBS retire at 38 and get a 40% E6 pay.

  1. Sixbears says:

    The government is in deep trouble when the start to mess with military pensions. I'm in a similar boat with a disability firefighter pension. If I didn't live so cheap, I couldn't live at all.

  2. I'm right with you brother. I don't need foodstamps,EBT,section 8 housing or enegy assitance. I'm doing okay living on SSD and my 10% disability the Army gave me. I think the Army was wrong. But suck it up buttercup! I do get a bit peved when some puke gets a 100% disability for asthma, when it is just called running or excercise. Or my brother in law is in prison and his wife drawing both SSD and full military retirement plus food stamps. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling for the system. Perhaps I don't play the game right?

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