Are you taking all the warnings to heart?

    I do consider the Earthquake in CO. and VA. a warning. Hurricane Irene is a warning. The markets and economy are also warning us to be prepared. Earthquakes don’t just happen in Cali.  Floods, droughts, storms of all sorts can happen anywhere at anytime. A home fire, a car accident that lays up the bread winner, a layoff happen all the time and it’s an emergency for you!
     Everybody on the East coast should have topped off gas and prepositioned your go bags (BOB) in your car or next to it ready to load. Checked flashlights and bought extra battries, If you can afford it you might make reservations at campground or hotel inland, (you can always cancel if you stay home). Do you have copies of insurance, DL, current photos of pets and family members? Do you have a number you can call out of state/area where you can check in and say you are safe? If you are using a cellphone text instead of calling that will help keep lines clear for Emergency calls.
    Remember surviving the storm is just a start. Most power will be out and maybe out for sometime. Food deliveries could be slow because of debris, damage and flooding for up to 2 weeks. If your windows are broken can you repair or have you bought some sheets of wood for make-shift storm shutters? Get some plastic or tarps to do some make shift repairs and keep stuff dry.  The Storm surge could take out sewage treatment plants so be ready! Is your home clean? Get that dishwasher and Laundry done now!  Do you have pics of your hi-end items for the insurance adjuster?
      Everyone else not in the “Cone” you need to do a test of your preps. Where are your BOBs, where would you go, are your pets prepped to go with you? How long will it take for you to load at least 10 gal. of water per person, 10 days of food, cooking and sanition per person? Does your BOV have enough gas to go 3 hours/ 150 miles? (think stop and go traffic) What if all the TBTF banks are offline and your Credit/ Debit card doesn’t work? JP Morgan is handling a lot of the SNAP cards, what if they stay offline for a week and you can’t go shopping on the 1st? Is your life on your PC?  Have you a backup of your critical files that can go with you?
    I don’t think this is Armageddon, and we have to go all Mad Max on folks. But I think you can see how a storm or earthquake can kinda screwup your everyday plans. Plus after watching Bloomberg and your city workers after the blizzard I don’t have a lot of faith in them being proactive on repairing any damage.

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