Totally excited, New stuff to try out. Updated

Looks like I got a nice and warm day to try out the “Redneck” solar oven. Bread is made and will rise over night in the fridge. The solar oven is basically those heat reflectors for your front windshield,  a large oven bag for cooking Turkeys during the holidays, a cooling rack and some support structure. The inststruction recommended a bucket. I’m going to do a bucket and some cement blocks. I bought a couple of grill thermometers and will see how much heat is generated.
     If this test works I will have a solar oven that costs under $10.00. If it can bake bread it will cook other foods. If I get the temp over boiling point I’ll have safe water. Not a perfect answer, but a cheap one to try out. Investment so far $2.00 in oven roasting bags, $2.00 in solar shades. I have glue, velcro and buckets already on hand. Let’s say a solar oven for about $10.00. If it works? If it doesn’t you still have a  couple of solar screens and at least 1 roasting bag.
Didn’t work out, the bread just kind of puffed up and then deflated. Top temp was about 160 degrees F.
I’m going to try again but I’ll be useing a Stryofoam shipping cooler as the support structure and hopefully the additional insulation will help keep the temp. up.   

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