It’s getting a bit angry out there in the USA

     I’ve have had quite a reset since I started preparing. I think I’ll always be a bit of a conservative or perhaps libertarian in my mindset and I’m former Army that believes in taking care of  problems at the lowest level possible. But I have changed. I don’t simply discount what someone says because they are not spouting my correct political line. I’m not sure what I am political speaking though I know i used to be a Reagan Repub,  then a conservative. Now I guess I may be classified as a Constitutionalists or Libertarian.
       But I think Ron Paul is incredibly naive for man is 70’s. I find it odd that a man that believes so much harm and evil can be perpetrated by fellow US citizens at the Fed and the Banks. Will not believe the same kind of thing is done by folks that see the USA as an enemy. I do believe in T. Jefferson’ s as friend to all but ally to none. So do we kill NATO, how about SEATO or repudiate all Doctrines from Monroe forward? Kick out the UN or dissemble it because it won’t survive without US money. It will go the way of the League of Nations. How about the IMF or the Hague and the world court? I’m not against these things happening I just don’t think Paul has thought of all ramifications if he gets his way.  It will hurt the USA and unless we are willing to be self-sufficient the World economy will punish us.
     Can we afford to cut entitlements and defense at least 10%-30% which is a best scenario guess on costs. I can get if we go to a gold standard my pension won’t stay the same and will go down even more in buying power. Because Gold will have to go up to keep up with all those dollars that have been printed and held as a reserve. I can eat 30% deflation easily, I could survive 50% but I’m odd that I’ve planned for an Inflationary or deflationary event. My parents would have a very hard time absorbing even 10% change in buying power. They are solidly middle class and if you think that’s bad drop all entitlements by 30%-50% and see how folks like that? This unemployment to food stamps. If you are on unemployment I’m guessing you are just getting by right now . Take 30% away I’m guessing you won’t make it and will be living in a tent if you are lucky.
    This is a best case scenario, the banks have over 62 trillion in credit default swaps and nothing but MBS liar loans, bond holders and taxpayers and possibly another 221 trillion in obligations,  keeping the wolf at bay in the west is getting very hard. China is fighting inflation and sooner or later those folks that manufacture an Ipad will demand wages to buy an Ipad.  It’s already happening in China though they keep a tight lid on news and shoot rioters.
It’s global, get some food now and be ready. I’m happy to be wrong and the PTBs are right. I got more stuff to get to put me on the Homegrown terrorist watch list like buying solar panels.

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  1. I don't agree with all of Ron Pauls Ideas. But I do agree with many.A strong defense force,but not the worlds police force.Even if he gets elected,the congress and senate will fight him tooth and nail! We are screwed Romney,Perry,Palin,Bachman,Obama,GOD forbid Hilliary.Screwed more of the same.I intend to prep all I can while we keep sliding towards the abyss!You make valid points,you are a smart cookie but I still think Ron Paul is our best option.Just my opinion.Sounds like ya been kicking but on your preps,good to hear.Finances put the kibosh on mine for now.I do enjoy your rational disagreement on Ron Paul vs those who scream and slober and spit with much hand wringing over their candidate. I hope to God we find someone rational who is not party line to run,not seeing it yet.Prep on!ChinaIII

  2. Stephen says:

    Ditto what chinasyndrome just said, Ron Paul has a few good ideas but in some areas he's lost his mind. I need a solar oven too.

  3. The problem is in not understanding that programs like social security were and are “ponzi schemes” and that the statistical facts have helped drop the population.RP has not lost his mind he is simply consistent in his libertarian message we are looking at the expected (and possibly planned) result of Hamiltonian mercantilist politics.Freedom lost a long time ago.There is nowhere for the dollar to go but down, from 1913 the dollar has lost all but 2 pennies of it’s value, we cannot fool ourselves into thinking that trend will change.RP is just pointing out the Austrian position, you know the one that accurately predicted this last mess years before it happened.Want to guess what the Austrians are predicting for the future?Do we kill NATO – yes, Europeans are good by themselves and USSR is gone the Russians are following the Chinese – economics rules.Out of the UN – yes (let them go broke it is not our problem)" I just don't think Paul has thought of all ramifications” Try, yes they have, and tough now or complete ruin later – it is our choice.In the end it is already too late, Paul would only be able to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and I would give better odds than Vegas that Obama is elected a second time… GET READY – Remember what Clinton did his second term, and have any of you noticed how many Clinton people are in the Obama house?

  4. Mountain prepper, do you have links? I haven't seen those stories. I consider myself an Austrian as far as economic theory. I think the only country we should continue a presence is Japan as determined by the treaty. I'm not against pulling out of the UN, Nato and other agreements. I just can't see HOW?

  5. "I'm not against pulling out of the UN, Nato and other agreements. I just can't see HOW?”No one is saying it would not be painful – but the alternative is a full crash and starving and riots – Pain and crap or a crash and death… Not good choices but one is a bit better than the other.Dollar value (used as a “tax” biggest value goes to the banks) of fractional reserve's Curse

  6. Thanks MP I'll check those out

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