Wow what an interesting week for me

       I do have a few little cherry tomatoes turning red on some volunteer plants. Got some plums from a nieghbor. I’ll be freezing and she has said I can come pick some more if I want them. The yard sale is done and I made about $20.00 not a lot but I’ll get another 4 # of butter, a can of coffee and some snacks for the pantry.  I’ll take some of the stuff to Goodwill and hopefully help some other folks out. I went and got a roll of quarters for the yard sale.  I’ll break in half and put $5.00 in the BOB and $5.00 in the RV for laundry, coin op machines and parking if needed. No more yard sales for me, though I did get a nice little multi-band radio and made a little money.
As per previous post tested the cheap solar oven was a bit of a bust for baking bread. But I’ll try to make it better. So another test tommorrow and I know I can use it for heating water for cleaning up or soaking tired muscles.Getting up to 150+ degrees of heat totally free, is nothing to sneeze at so it’s worth the effort. If I can get at least the boiling point of water I’ll be happy. 350 degrees I’ll be estatic!  I’ve got a couple of refinements in mind that should be both easy and cheap to do with what I have on hand.
    I’ll gotta start getting the RV ready for a camping trip for mid-Sept. Clean up and a few other ideas I have floating around in my head for storage and layout/load plan. Re do the BOBs and Bugout buckets list,  recipes and sustainanabilty away from home if ordered to evacuate. That part of my plans still needs a bit of work. All in all I’m pleased on how it’s coming together and how one plan can be independent but work well with others.


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