Solar Oven Update

I used my Styrofoam box and glass. It did up the temp to about 250 degrees F.  Bad news the cheap little reflectors started to curl and melt. I’m not giving up!  I’ll try lining the box with heavy duty foil. I hope it will stand up better to the heat generated. I’ll be happy with 250 degrees, but I’m hoping to get around 350 degrees F after a couple of hours. Still I can see the potential of the solar box, even if it’s just warming water for a wash up. I know when I was in the field being able to wash up with warm water is a huge Morale booster if you are ruffing it. Plus starting with warm water will reduce the amount of energy  needed to bring water to a boil. I’ll be buying some heat resistant black spray paint for my 1/2 gallon Mason jars. If I can get water to boil in those jars I should be good to go.
So far I have about $10.00 invested. I have the tinfoil and jars already,  the paint will be an additional cost if needed. The glass was free from a neighbor.

2 Responses to Solar Oven Update

  1. Kris Watson says:

    Here's the format I followed for my dollar store solar oven. got a frozen two cup brick of casserole to boiling in 45 minutes. I don't have a thermometer, but that seemed pretty good to me. Shoot, defrosting would have taken hours! I actually put the food in a black metal pan with a glass lid. The great thing is how portable it is, and how little space it takes to store it.

  2. I think I got it figured out and bought a couple of small nonstick bread loaf pans. I'll try again this weekend. Once I added the styro box and glass window it really kicked up the heat level. I think I'll get 300 degrees on the test this weekend with the new set up.This goes to show you should try out and test everything. I can see how it can work now I just have to make it work.

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