Is the glass half full or half empty?

Oh gosh I piss, bitch and moan on how DC the fed and banksters are destroying us. Perhaps they are, we gave them the keys and hope/trusted they would be responcible. We’ll they wearn’t to be trusted and we have a hell of deductible to pay. It really doesn’t matter how we got here, Bush’s fault, Obama’s fault or go back all congresses and presidents. Here we are and we must start fixing the problem from today.
1. Define the problem: We have several I think the first issue is getting business growing. If that means suspending Obama care, the EPA and the NLRB for right now we need a moritoriam on all new regs. We need more energy we can use today and not 20 years in the future.
2.Don’t allow companies to pollute 2nd or 3rd world nations for a profit. If Apple wants to import its Ipads  or Nike likes the quality in Asia . They must meet our EPA and wage standards. This goes for all companies. I’m not saying that companies can’t go overseas. Simplly they must adhere to USA rules and laws. If they find that to onerous they may use the 1st ammendment to express dissatifaction with the system.
3. Corperations are people and get the same rights according to Mitt Romney. I ‘m cool with that.! Apple get’s 1 vote, GE 1 vote, GM, Ford, netfix and all public corperations get 1 vote in any election. . All Corperations will be taxed the Indvidual rate by the IRS. That should make Warren Buffet happy. Oh damn his company is fighting paying taxes to the IRS sinsce 2002.
4. Perhaps “we the people” give the PTBs what they ask for. Well you know all those tea parties are terrorist and rascists to stand against expanded spending and more entittlements. Let’s give them what they want….
More spending, more goodies for everyone. You don’t have to work, or start a business. Hell the Fed can just print more dollars and we (the USA) can’t really deafault. According to Alan Greenspan.

If you want to eat in the near future I’d suggest you buy food. Have some seed and fuel. I hope folks see I was using hyperbole. But most of the actions above have been suggested. Except the Cooperations vote and tax scheme, that was mine alone.


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