Always look for what you can do, and don’t beat yourself up if you screwup!

     You are going to get tired, discouraged and just plain wore out sometimes. You are only human and this stuff is kinda scary.  Not only for yourself but all the way up to a world wide level and everything between. It’s okay to be scared if it is for good reason, but you can’t let it panic you or erode your morale and make you give up. The “Big picture ” is just to overwhelming and you can’t control what goes on at levels that are so far above  you. But you can control your reactions and what you do. You got to count those little victories and build on them, it’s a lot of work to remain positive in the face of all the doom and gloom. So if you need a few days to scream, cry, rant, rave piss and moan go for it! Get out of your system and get back to working on the things you can control. Or plan a break from all the information overload and electronic noise. I’ll be doing that mid Sep. taking out the RV and doing some dry camping. Get some reading done, maybe play with the loom and just generally putter. 
    It’s a huge advantage if you can change your mindset that prepping is a new way of life and not just something you buy and forget. Check out Kellene’s 10 areas of preparedness. Most folks focus on the tangible items they can buy and see, but usually the most critical items are the intangibles. The mental, spiritual, knowledge and skillsets you will need for the future. Look we all get worn out mentally but things are still working mostly,  we can see it won’t remain that way. So you need to learn to deal with that stress now!
     One of my stress outlets is this blog. It seems by writing stuff out helps me organize mentally and my rants help me articulate my anger, get it out of my system. I can look back through and look at what I can/can’t control  and plan what to do next. Plus folks commemts may give me a new insight and I know I’m not alone. You are not alone. We are growing and you can almost always find some new twists on prepping and survival sites. Or you may take and idea and give it your own special twist. As we say in the Army if it’s stupid and it works it’s not stupid. 

September is National preparedness month.(I wonder if the FBI knows about all those subversives?) You may find some preparedness fairs in your local area. I know in Idaho there are quite a few, but everyone knows those people in Idaho are all a bunch of Crazies!

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  1. Two thumbs up I camp, handload, and shoot for stress relief… the TV is never stress relief if the controlled media’s news (read propaganda) is on…Resolve to understand that an economic crash is a statistical certainty, the time frame is skewed – do as you can and don’t get too stressed.

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