Gone camping! Now I’m back early

I had kind of a bad camping trip. Only 4 days instead of the 6 days I wanted. Still worth it even if I had a CIDP flair. I think I need more work on my sleeping arraingments so I’ll put my German mattress in the overhead bunk. It will be a bit tight on headspace but I think the comfort factor will make up for it. It dosen’t bother me sleeping in a somewhat confined area, I find it conforting but many folks find it restricting. The german mattress are great, my Dad used 1 in the sleeper of a truck and loved it. I think not getting good sleep activates my CIDP and makes it worse. 
I’m still untrusting in regards to the RV mostly without merit. I have to say Mom picked out a good one overall. Oh,  I still have some replacements and maitenence to do. But it’s a great machine considering it’s over 35 years old.

3 Responses to Gone camping! Now I’m back early

  1. karen says:

    German mattress?

  2. I spent several year in Germany. They don't use box springs so the matress have complete self-contained support. They also make larger beds by using 2 mattress instead of one like the USA.

  3. I dragged the foam pads out and I think the german matress will fit. Now i'll have foam for the new couch. once I figure out how to cut it to size. The foam pads were not all that bad for an average person. I'm just not average anymore and need a bit more support. Since I have 3 extra mattresses I can't see a reason not to use them.

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