Still working on the RV…..

     I got the german matress up in the overhead bunk. I think it’s going to work out great as it didn’t seem to sit as high as I thought it might. In fact it almost looks like it belongs there, and while it’s not as wide as the bunk is it will suit me fine and I’ll have space for a small tv to ride up there as well. I got my pillows and sheets already in and washed up my quilt and comforter and they are ready to go. I filled up 2 gas cans with “real” gas no ethanol added. It’s about 9 cents a gallon more expensive but it’s worth it not to deal with ethanol. I’ll be doing a major fuel run at the end of the month to top off both RV gas tanks and the propane tank. It’s nice to know that my RV will supply my oven and fridge for at least 10 days of use in the event of a grid down situation. Once I get the 20 watt solar panel tied in and a small inverter or 2, I should be pretty well set for minimal power to charge batteries and keep the fridge running.
      I’m changing my bucket setup for the RV and going to an easy open buckets rather than the normal seal buckets. I’m sealing the food already and the bucket is more for vermin protection and ease of moving and storage. I have to buy a heavy duty can opener. I managed to break 2 of the cheap dollar store ones I had gotten. I ‘m not the strongest person in the world so it was quite a shock. Oh I still had my Letherman and could have opened the cans but I want a nice heavy duty opener if SHTF. I’ve always had trouble using the P-38 can opener with my hand strength and while the are a great little opener,  I’ll keep my Letherman as the ultimate back up (EDC) and buy a good can opener for the RV.
     Still a few more things to get:

  1. Replacement filters and spark plugs for both the RV and generator.
  2. A few more basic tools, wrenches and sockets I can carry on the RV full time
  3. Need a new grill for the Hibachi. 
  4. Baking pans
  5. Extra tarp since the awning is broken. Shade and catching rain water. 

All in all we managed as a family but I’ve been prepping for awhile and I should have done better on my mobile/Bugout preps. I developed a bunker mentality of staying home and preping exclusively with that mentality and I need to be more flexible. What if my camping trip had been a bug out situation? I would have had a plenty to eat but my water and sleeping accommodations were terrible. If you store freeze dried or dried goods you must have access to good water or a way to make water good. A sprouting  jar/trays and seeds for sprouting might be good to add, so you have some fresh veggies.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Seems you are well on your way…good job.

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