Let’s give them what the want!

    You got to say we know exactly how those beltway folks feel about “Flyover country”. Let’s see how they feel when food can’t get to market? Back east and on the left coast because of regulations.I say give the Greens and the EPA what they want on rolling black and brownouts for power. Don’t upgrade your power stations. I’m ready with alternate power, are you? Do you have food stored? I hope at least 3 weeks worth I’ve been doing this Blog for a year and if you only have 3 weeks worth of food and all you need. I am very dissappointed.
    What are you waiting for permission? to simply protect your family from starving? Basic medical care?  If not not now when? If you haven’t stored long term food you need to get HOT now sparky.  What is the price of coffee? Beef, bacon? did you go through this last Spring and thought veggies were cheap? Hell the Feds flooded farmland to save a town, that had no industry of any sort. I don’t want to be mean about the folks in Cairo, Ill but farmland was more important than their homes. Homes produce nothing but taxes . Farmland produces food, we we can’t have that, Monsanto needs to wipe out the small farmer.
    I used to think the politicians were simply dumb about cause and effect. Not anymore if they were just inept they would hit on a program or 2 that would help folks simply by accident. No there is a plan, I think fascism or a corporate feudalism is the plan.

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