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     I’m feeling it coming, I think we are getting closer to the end game. I certainly hope I am wrong and the PTBs can stretch it out a little longer. I know in the prepper and survival folks tend towards independence and going it  alone. I don’t blame them, we’ve been ridiculed, called names and had our sanity question every time we try to explain why and how we do what we do. As a group I think we tend to be conservative, Libertarians or Constitutionalists at least that my impression.
       But I’ve seen a quite a few folks that share the idea of being left alone. Very into living “green” or self-sustainable lives. These aren’t the limousine liberals that tell everyone else how to live, then jet to Cancun for the latest climate conference. But folks that practice what they preach.  I’ve learned tons at several of the green sites about solar power, composting, greenhouses, gardens and critters. These folks can be a natural ally to preppers and survivalists.
    I know I was terrible about breaking folks into different camps of Us vs. Them. I hope I can see now the things we agree on and share in common rather than the differences. But I’m still learning and not perfect. I think when we break free of those mental boxes we put ourselves and others in we find we do want the same basic things. Perhaps how that is accomplished is different. 
    I can’t say I’m independent as I’d like to be as I’m on SSD and get a little military disability pay from the Feds. I don’t think of this as an “entitlement”. I paid into the system for over 20 years. I’ve not taken food stamps, but I did get my home insulated via the state. Before Obama’s “Cash for caulkers” happened and got a little extra insulation added to the house. What’s scary is it looks like Assets will be counted again for Food stamps next month. That means a lot of formerly middle class folks will fall off the rolls or have to sell off more items to keep getting food stamps. Our food pantries have been wiped out and have little food coming in at today’s prices it’s all you can do just to keep yourself from visiting the pantry.
     A major advantage is I got debt free except for my home and a small monthly payment I make to my parents when they saved my bacon when I got so sick. My medical was also covered by VA because of my service. So I didn’t have huge medical bills for all the testing and time in the Extended care unit of my local VA. I’ve worked to get as small as possible on living costs and I still have a few items I could give up in hard times. I got the Dish” Family plan” they don’t even offer it any more. What’s nice they haven’t tried to jack my rates. If they do kill it, I’ll simply cancel the plan. I’m not under contract so cost to cancel. I use Magic jack for home phone at $20.00 per year. No it’s not perfect, I get some echo on some calls. But for that price I’m willing to put up with a little less than perfect. Mom insisted on the family plan for me an my sister because of health issues. We are both paying off the phones Dad got added.  We were  each given a limit of 300 min. per month. I use about 30 minute maybe an hour, sister uses about 300+ so it works out.
      I suppose my whole idea is get outside of the box you have placed yourself and others in. Look for what you share in common and not what makes you different. Get out of the box of is a “good life” from the PTBs and define your own “Good Life”.   I’m not there yet, I’m still looking for a little property out in the high desert where I can keep some critters and go off grid. At least for a getaway spot for mine and Mom’s RV. is having a great deal on solar panels with free shipping on the little 20 watt I’m starting with for my system. Yes, it’s small, I’m hoping to power my RV to start and move up to home power. It’s also free power after the first investment and the 20 watt I’m looking at is only $78.00 and free shipping.

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