What is going on?

There has been a bit of chatter by the Tinfoil hat brigade of which I’m a member, of an event happening the 27th of Sept. 2011. I’m not sure anything will happen but….
Think of this as a test of your preps

  1. Where is your BOB and is it ready?
  2. How much gas is in your vehicle and do you have cash on hand to top off? Maybe a couple of extra cans of  fuel?
  3. Important papers and pics are the copied on paper and on a jump drive?
  4. If it is a terrorist attack like a “dirty bomb” do you have enough plastic sheeting or garbage bags to seal off windows and doorways? A decon station for family/friends that may show up?
  5. Where is your Duct tape?    LOL
  6. 1st aid kits, additional meds and basic hygene supplies.  I myself am low on TP (right now) but I do have back up options already bought.

TSHF and TEOWAKI will not announce themselves. Just think of this as a Bug in test with a few hours notice. I know it will be a busy morning for me getting things into place I’ve been thinking about doing. If it doesn’t happen well I will have gotten a few things done that needed doing. If the system blows up, well I’m ready as I can be.

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