Paul’s case lot SALE ! Fueling the RV and Bacon!!!

   Paul’s Market is a local chain of grocery stores here in SW Idaho. They have survived Wal-mart and Albertsons when those stores put a lot of stores out of business. They buy locally, in fact give you the name of the farms they get the food from and have a good product at a good price. It’s the kind of store that still has butchers that hand cut and grind meat to order and I really like that they know me and are happy to go that extra step to help a shopper.
   Anyhoo, they are having a case lot sale and I get to restock and stock up on many items. It’s strange that I haven’t bought TP for at least 6 months perhaps longer. Perfect timing I get to stock up again at a good price. One of the biggest advantages of prepping is you buy the sales and loss-leaders. It seems to kick in at that magical “6 month” point of readiness. You really start buying for the future rather than today and it saves you a ton of money shopping. I’ll also be getting some evaporated milk, canned veggies, 2 cases of ramen noodle and other odds and ends.

   On the bacon, that was quite a nice surprise. I’ve refilled my gas cans at a small town gas station that offers real gas no ethanol mixed in. Though the gas is a bit more expensive it will cut down on my Sta-bil costs and it is better fuel. I paid with cash this time and walked into the store and roamed around just to see what they had on hand and the prices. That’s when I found the bacon at $2.79 a pound and locally made! I bought just over a pound just to try it out and it’s pretty darn good. Needless to say on my fuel run to top off the RV I’ll be picking up at least 5# and canning it.

If you are out and about it never hurts to stop in small town shops and restaurants and get a feel for things. Plus I guess I’m still a small town girl at heart. I like a little store where I can get propane, gas, ammo, liquor and food all in one stop. Who knows while everyone is rushing to wallyworld these little shops might be a good backup for your shopping and you will want to develop a relationship with them. Especially if they get most of the stuff they sell from local producers.

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