I did my "Random act of Kindness" today

      I wasn’t able to afford to do all I wanted but I did get 25 pounds of pancake mix and 15 dozen eggs for the folks at the “Lighthouse”. I figured why wait to do some good?  I know those guys can have a good and filling  breakfast to start the day. As tough as it gets for all of us to make ends meet. It’s doubly hard for charities that depend on private donations. I’m certainly not rich and this comes from my pocket. But for me it’s worth it because,  it feels good to help someone out and I don’t feel so poor if I can give to charity. I think it also helps me look outside myself, get off any “little pity party” I want to have and think of others.  That is good for me, it’s all to easy to get a bunker mentallity and think only of yourself.  I’m reworking the budget so I can add some additional food purchases for these guys on a monthly basis.
     The onions have finished drying and I put some in 2,  8 oz. wide mouth jars and 1 pint jar. I figure about 3 pounds of fresh onions dried to about 16oz. of dried onion by volume. Sealed them up with my foodsaver jar attachment. I’m very excited doing the jars for gifts and goodie baskets. Got to hit the local dollar store for more baskets, some pretty jars, lables/gift/recipe cards. I need to stop by the farmers market for some sweet and hot  peppers and carrots for the stone soup basket. It looks like it’s all coming together for the Baskets.
     I did get some shopping done for myself and got a couple of good deals. I’ve been concerned about meat and dairy price going up so getting those items got moved to the top of the stock up on list. I got beef sirloin for $2.29 a pound and got 11.5 pound chunk that I can make a few steaks and a roast for the freezer. A 5 pound block of mild cheddar cheese for $13.95 that I’ll wax this weekend and store in the pantry.  5 cans of  tuna in oil for 49 cents each, using some points on my customer loyalty card. I’m not a big tuna eater though I do like a good “Tuna melt” sandwich, but heck I can’t even buy a can of catfood for that price! I know that I can feed my cat a treat if nothing else. I got a big bag of Dogfood and so the dogs should be good for the next 10 months on food and the dry catfood I buy went on sale this week. So all pets should be good to go for several months.
     I think buying stuff on sale or “loss leaders” is the one of the biggest advantages of being a prepper. You don’t need anything and your shopping list is built on what you will need in the future, not what you must have today. I did have a screw up as I thought I was good on dishwashing soap. Nope I ran out and had to scavenge from my RV supplies. I’ll have to replace that and get a few more bottles for the pantry.  It happens to me sometimes and you just fix it. Usually if I drop the ball on something it’s cheap and easy to replace for under $5.00 or I have basic fixings for stuff I could use if I can’t go shopping. This is a very good lesson on keeping yur inventory up to date. I’m positive that dishsoap is lurking around someplace in my pantry and I’m looking right at it and missing it. But since it won’t spoil I’ll by some more and it will Magically appear and I’ll remember why I put it there.  Probably so I could keep track of it! LOL
Keep faith in yourself and keep moving forward.

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