Making beer and helpful neighbors

    Busy beer day! My neighbors and I made a run to the local beer lady today. They picked up some fixings for Amber ale and I got the Dark ale and some more flip top bottles. They have been my lab rats for testing the beer and I made up a batch of the Amber ale which is their favorite. Well along with picking up the ingredients they will try making their own beer. I’m loaning them a fermenting bucket to start with and I will walk them through the steps. They have collect bottles and next month the plan to buy a bucket set up. Just like most of us money is tight, but they can enjoy this hobby on the cheap and learn a new skill as well! Plus I love to teach folks.
    I had a busy day as well bottling 1 batch of beer and brewing up the dark ale and  I think I’ve figured out how I’ll do Lager type beer in my garage fridge. I got a thermometer so I can set the temp between 46-54 degrees F. That will give more flexibility and some variety in beers.
   Now for teaching  them beer making  my neighbors are coming over to clean out my gutters. They have been great and  we share tools, veggies and stuff. so I think we both gain. I think its very critical to build your support network now. Friends , family,  neighbors can be your start if you can get them working toward being self-reliant. It may start over some gardening or tools or a BBQ of them expressing an interest in doing stuff for themselves. 
   I stay away from going all  J.W Rawles or Kurt Saxon. But smoking your own meat, canning, or sharing shopping tips or baking your own bread are fairly safe topics and you can see if they follow up. Saving money has always worked best for me in opening the door for any prepping discussion.
    Don’t give away to much about your preps to start and  follow up of how did that bread recipe work out…. and so forth. I think you may find a few folks that respond positively. Don’t forget you local businesses to support instead of the big box stores. You will want them around if  TSHTF as long as possible. Develop a relationship with them. It might make the difference of you getting into shop or cashing a check when strangers will be turned away.

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