What a great week for me getting stuff done!

  Changing weather patterns tend to have a huge effect on my flares and as you can guess the changing of season makes for some ruff days. But this last week while a little tough physically was great mentally for finding my place in life and getting stuff done. I was getting a bunker mentality and way to focused on what I wanted to get done for me. But this last week I got outside myself and gave to my new charity “The Lighthouse for Men” It was only about $40.00 that I spent but it was also 25 pounds of pancake mix and 15 dozen eggs. I have felt so good since I gave. I think it was God speaking to my heart and telling me to get off myself and how bad things are and get moving forward with life.
    I taught my neighbors how to make beer by making it step by step and what works for me. They carried home the fermenting bucket I loaned them and will show it off to some friends that are coming to visit. They are so excited to add another skill and drink some good beer that they have made themselves.  I miss the teaching and mentoring the most since I left the Army. Sure it’s great to master a skill, run around shoot weapons and get dirty. But as a NCO I was mainly a teacher, a keeper/dispenser of the tribal wisdom and I miss that the most. . In a way this blog is my way of sharing, teaching and training.
   I know as a kid I wanted to live a life that made a difference. My Mom also instilled in me a very healthy respect for reality and good and evil by her actions. In the last year or 2  I have changed my outlook quite a lot. I’m not so rigid in my ideas in politics or lifestyles. I’m learning skills from all over the spectrum from tree huggers to Mormons, from left, right and center. I’m looking at the message for worth and not the messenger. I’m a firm believer that everyone is a role model of sorts. Even folks that make bad choices show you what not to do with your life. I also believe in what goes around comes around. Just think about Khaddafi. I find it some what ironic that he expected to be treated better by the rebels than he ever treated his enemies. He counted on the rebels beliefs in what is good and evil to save him.

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