Back to the important stuff and things I can actually control!

      I got  #5 of Monteray Jack cheese so I’ll need to get  be busy waxing cheese. No real rush if you look at the use buy date for the harder cheese it will last quite along time in the fridge if stored properly.  Cheese needs to breath, so if you put in an air tight bag you will get mold. I have good luck placing a bit of parchment paper of the cut end and hold it in place with a thick rubber band. I’ve also read that you can wrap it in vineger soaked cheesecloth, but I haven’t tried that method. But that will keep it good until you are ready to wax.
    Bottleing up some dark ale and being an “acid minded moron” as well. I didn’t get my sugar ready for carbonation so had to get that going. It’s okay and I caught myself in time, but that is one step that seems to be the hardest to remember. Bottles are all clean and waiting in boxes to be filled and everything has been sanitised. Always remember to make sure the spigot on the bottling bucket is in the off position before filling. Yes, I did forget on my first batch but I caught it before it became a disaster and was just a small mess to clean up. Bottle caps sanitised and standing by ready to go. Always clean up extra bottle caps just in case it gets on the bottle wrong and deforms. Give your equipment a good rinse as you are done with using it. It really helps if you don’t wash them right away.  If you have chickens, pigs or a compost pile the leftovers of the wort can be tossed in to feed or the pile. 
    Going to be a good week for shopping as my check and the things I want to get on sale actually lined up. Big Lots has a set of solar-powerd LED string lights for $15.00 each. Small lights but the add a very nice look to the patio. I want to get 2 or 3 more sets for around the house. The really expensive bacon I like is on sale and I’d like to get at least another 5# canned for the future. Wet cat/Dog food is on sale so I can stock up again. The pets only get about a teaspoon a day for breakfast. So a can lasts about a week for the critters.
    Got go and pick the grapes and try out my idea for a home made press. Clean out the raised beds and start the winter garden in the windows. The little celery bulb is putting on growth and is looking good for the future. I was afraid I may have killed the raspberry bushes I was given, but new growth is coming on 1 of the bushes.  I’m going to take over a 6pak of dark ale in trade the neighbor that gave them to me. Strawberry  starts are a goner. They are supposed to be easy but I kill all the starts I’m given.
My walnut tree has become a menace dropping nuts, but I think I have a plan for gathering and using them this year.
    I’m trying to use the winter months practicing some new skills, reading up on stuff to be ready to hit the ground running (in the loosest sense of the term) on adding garden space as my lasagna garden should be breaking down  for next spring. I’d like to add an outdoor brick oven to my patio area, and I think I found the spot for a little green house.

What are you doing for next 2 months and next year. Sure it may all come apart but life goes on…. Make some plans look forward not with dread but with a joyful spirit on what you will do and learn, and if you die go to God with sweat of work upon your brow and the love of truth in your heart and I believe he will reward you as a true faithful servant. God gave us life so we must live it.

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