Why prepare? Or why I started blogging on how I prepared

     I think it should be obvious on whay to prepare from Katrina to Fukishima to the rising costs of food and energy. If you don’t buy into what is happening daily around the world is a reason to prepare I’ll never convince you. 
The first reason I started blogging my preparing is my Mom told me to do it. Yes I respect my Mom and she is 65 and I’m 45 and I still do a lot of what my Mom says to do. I think we have become peers but she’s got 20 years of education at the school of hard knocks, so I pay attention to what she has to say. I may not agree with her but I better have a darn good reason not to agree. 
    I went through a personal finacial armageddon. I bought the hype that debt was good and over-leveraged. Then was down 3 weeks with flu, pnemonia then 4 months in the VA hospital and the  Extended Care Unit at the VA. Not good not working for 6 months no insurance and no way to pay any bills or debts. I was screwed and I should have lost everything, but my parents swooped an rescue me. Oh sure had some repos, paid off and cut up credit cards. But what really killed me is I didn’t even have my basic food or needs in my house when I got home from the VA. Mom was great bought me microwavable dinners, a tiny 4 cup coffee maker I could fill myself. I was very bad off with my CIDP even after I got out of the hospital. Life became a full-time job. I think it was a gift from God to save my soul if not my life.
    I was very lucky that I had the VA pick up my health care bills. Well not exactly lucky because health care was one reason I joined the Army.  Lucky in my Parents that spent $32,000.00+ plus of their savings to save  my finacial butt. (I’ve paid them back $28,000.00) But while I had credit and I was so over-leveraged I didn’t have anything I could say I truly owned. Not food, an emergency fund, nothing was real it was all an illusion of wealth. I had stuff, I owned nothing.
   I decided that I need at least food I could cook or bake to survive. That was my start in preparing. One advantage of hitting rock bottom is you have no where to go but up! Sure I did it on the cheap, I bought basics, I learned how to store grains, rice and beans long term. I can, dry and sprout to have good food. I have learned a bunch of skills about food preservation and recipes.Planting a garden to using a generator. Looking at a little Solar setup, to harvesting black walnuts. Nothing is ever perfect or safe. But he who will not risk will not win.
   Don’t get nuts trying to convince folks that prepping is the way to go. It’s basically if they get it, I don’t have to explain, and if they don’t get it, no explanation is possible. Time is getting short for prepping and soon we will move into survival phase. 

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