Things done, things to do…

    I got a few of my to do list done this weekend. Waxed 10 pounds of cheese. I really like the wax I bought from the local gal that is my beer, wine and cheese ingredient supplier. Sorry, I don’t have a brand name just “yellow cheese wax”. I have to say the wax went on cheese in a smooth thin coat and I’ll do a couple more coats of wax on it and it will be ready to store. The sirloin has been cut up into 6 thick steaks, a 4 pound roast and 2 pounds of stew meat chunks. It sure nice to know I have plenty of meat of all kinds ready and in the freezer.  I’ll be doing some canning of some of the meats in the the future so I’m not so dependent on electricity keeping the freezer running. Got the 40 pound bag of cat food in the Buckets and treated with DE and horror of horrors I ran out of buckets! I still have a big bag of Dog food that needs to get stored properly for the future.
    Mom and I have a big shopping day planned Tuesday. Fred Meyers has 10% off senior day and some items on sale (Tuna 2 cans for $.88) and some bras on sale. Big Lots has the solar LED lights I want and if Mom and I combine out stuff we should get $10.00 off the total cost. Then off to Paul’s to pick up some more buckets, Cascade on sale and a quick stop by Albertson’s for some wet cat food 4 cans for a dollar. Stop by the Beer lady and get ingredients for more beer.  All of the stores are within a mile of my house so I just make a loop and I don’t waste gas just to get a good deal on those items.
     I’m hoping I can order Mom’s 50 watt solar panel and then she will have all the parts need for her sun powered system. Emergency preparedness. com has a complete solar oven for $201.00 with shipping that I’d like to get this month. I think I’ve crunched all the numbers and while tight it should be doable. If I can buy it I will have accomplished all my goals for this year and then some I had put on a wish list but I didn’t think I could afford to get done.  Now for the fun part at least for me is starting a list of goals for next year.

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