I am the 100% American

    I worked for min. wage and some times living on tips. I did not get foodstamps or handouts from the government. I joined the Army and got a descent wage and living that I chose to accept.  I paid my taxes, medicare and Social Security without qualm and now you want to call it an entitlement? or not fair that an E-6 gets 50%of base pay after 20 years (about $1200-1400 per month) + pay for Tricare. But a congress critter is paid $174,000 per year and after 5 years get a 100% pension and all benies of being a congress critter.  Do you know that medicare insurance part B costs at least $125.00 per month and is taken out of  SS? Every COLA adjustment for the last 3 years that I know of has been ate by medicare costs. So your seniors can’t win against the bookeepers. They get no extra money toward food or energy costs because the Medicare premium rises in lockstep to th COLA. It’s a book keepers gimmick. If I was paid SS in a static value like gold it would be a very different thing. Prior to 1971 gold had a value of about $35.00 per ounce. The average SS check was about $70-80.00 per month or about 2 oz. of gold per month. Without inflation I should get 2 oz. of gold worth of purchasing power almost $3000.00 per month on SS.  Yet I get less than half of that and must pay Medicare as well.
   The PTB’s have inflated the money. The dime in 1964 that bought a gallon of gas will still buy a gallon of gas based on the silver content of a 1964 coin. It simply costs $3.00+ FRN’s today to get that 1964 dime’s worth of value. The cost of gas hasn’t really changed it’s still just a dime a gallon. But only in real metal and not paper. If you start thinking something tangible, something with real or lasting value I know it changed my whole mindset, I hope it can change yours. Start thinking in metals not to profit but as value traded for value. Is that bag of rice worth a 1/2 ounce of silver? Is that bag of meat worth a gram of gold? Your dollars are meaningless but what you can trade them for, be it silver, gold, meat, beans or rice can be priceless.

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