Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Now back to work.

    The Mac&Cheese was a hit at dinner and Mom asked for an extra bowl from the leftovers. I got about 1/3 of it left and since it could feed over 20 people and we had about 9 it went well. I was going to BBQ the turkey but I was wiped out from getting the leaves picked up so the timeline got pushed back on the turkey. I’m going to be puttering at cleaning up the house so it will be a good time to BBQ the turkey and see how it works out. If it turns out good I’ll can it and share with Mom. If it’s a bust I’ll make stock and some dog and cat food.
   I got my big 5 gallon stock pots, the last 2 of that size and I planned for them to be my Beer brewers but I can see all kind of uses now that I have them on hand. While I was roaming the Family Dollar store I found some good sweatpants for $5.00 each and picked up a couple of pairs. They are Fruit of the Loom brand and the fabric is fairly heavy. Cotton looks like it may spike in cost so it’s a good idea to get what you can, when you can at a low cost. I like having sweats for layering and staying warm in the winter.
    Not sure if the Lager beer experiment is working. I got it warmed up but still nothing in the bubbler. I popped the top on the bucket and if I’m understanding how lager should smell and work I may be okay.  I’ll give it another week and bottle and hope for the best. The worse that can happen is it doesn’t work and I’ll stick with ales a while longer. I’ve been darn lucky that all of my brews have been good, so 1 bad batch would not be unexpected. We got another person on the block wanting to learn to brew beer. That gives us 4 housholds that could brew..

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