I do wish the economic collapse would be a bit more orderly.

    I know collapses are never orderly but darnit I’ve already made my budget and they seem to be moving up the timeline without any respect to my plans. Silver and Gold have gone on sale! I think mostly to elites and the TBTF banks in the EU liquidating paper positions but it is screwing up my time line as I want to get a bit more silver but I also want to get a solar oven and a couple of things for the RV and a Saiga rifle and it’s blowing the heck out of my planned spending. I was hoping the sale on PMs would be next year. I’m not greedy but I think having a year’s worth of silver on hand figuring about 30 oz. per month is a good insurance policy in case of hyper-inflation and I’m no where close to that ideal. Or you could figure 1 oz. of gold per month. That tends to be the historical figure on money needed to survive in a PM based money system. 
   It’s not all bad news or even frustrating news. I did manage to drop my daily Kw usage in electricity by almost 4kw per day average this month compared to last year. No big changes except I turned down the main furnace to 65 degrees and I’m using a couple of space heaters for local heat as needed. I’m all electric on power and light so not to bad overall.
    Plus it’s a lousy month for the timing of my disability checks. I really hate how SSD is paid on Wed. based on the last 2 numbers of your SS card. Some months are okay and some months see a long stretch of almost 3 weeks and  then short to a week,  from the 1st (my VA disability) I’d much prefer a 1st and 15th payment method I got used to in the Army. Well it could be worse and that demon Murphy is always lurking. I’m in no danger I’m just whining about inconvenience and doing a little venting.  It does show no matter how well you plan (and I think I do plan well) someone or something will come along and screw it up. Flexible is no longer good enough in your planning you must be fluid.

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