More good shopping news
It looks like FM is extending it’s sale on NY roasts for $3.47 per pound and Prime rib for $4.88. Folgers has a coupon for $7.99 per can is a bit of drop in price. I’m not a fan of Folgers coffee, I’d rather buy the FM brand of french and European roast. or the Supreme roast for a couple of dollars cheaper per can and I like the taste better.
    I really hate that my checks don’t hit before sales I’d like to take advantage of, and I used up my reserve of cash for getting other good buys on stuff I would need in the future. I could have put off a few of those buys on TP and hygiene items as I didn’t need them anytime in the next 3 months but they were a good buy and I knew I’d start needing them 6 months from now. 
    I’m kind of glad that silver and gold seem to be bottoming out and I don’t have to figure out how to buy some more. Just like anything if it goes on sale I’ll get some, but right now I want to stock my “general store” with some more basics I need and stuff for barter and trade. I think prices may kind of bounce along at the new normal but we will start seeing some great buys after the 1st of the year. Most companies boosted inventories in anticipation of a growing economy and I think they will have to start selling just to clear their stock. My opinion only, but we may see some great deals on certain items. Have a list and some cash on hand to take advantage of after Christmas sales.

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