Getting ready for the "Five day Stored Water only" test Part II

    I’m been a little concerned about how I’m going to have warm water for washing hands and to bathing. Back in my field days in the Army I had a thermos that I would fill with hot water at night . Using a Coleman 1 burner propane stove, I was able to warm up the tent before going to bed and I’d have nice warm water for washing up in the morning. Now with my CIDP I’m very sensitve to cold water and getting cramps in my hands is something I want to avoid so I tested my Thermos 1 gallon water jug.
    This is one of those jugs that most folks put ice water and cold drinks for camping and  picnicing.  I wondered how well it do with hot water.  I primed the jug with  boiling water and let it sit for 30 minutes. Pour out water (I used it for dishes) then refilled with boiling water again and let it sit overnight. I then measured the temprature the next day and after 16 hours it measured 102 degrees F.  I was amazed on how long it retained heat.
   This is perfect for washing hands and taking a spit bath and the water is ready first thing in the morning with no waiting to heat up water. I can fill this jug once or twice a day depending on how much water I have stored, and have warm water all day long.
    So now I’m looking for 1 of those big 3-5 gallon jugs you see at construction sites for my modified hot water tank. This will work great along with the solar oven because I can have energy  free hot water and it will give me practice on how I will handle hot water during the EMP test.


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