What would you go shopping for if you had 2 days notice of SHTF?

    Assume you have a deep mole or spy and they told you all hell is going to break loose. What would you get with the cash on hand you have today? You have 2 days before the rest of the public finds out that bad things are coming. What do you buy and do you have cash on hand to buy it? You have one day to get your purchases. It’s not payday and you have no cash on hand for gas, food or water. Well it sucks to be you. If you are not ready you and your family will suffer and probably die.
     I’m not trying to be flippant I’m trying to show you your choices. Yes you can buy an IPAD or an XBox for $300-$400.00 + and play games. They are kind of cool toys but unless you are a CEO not really needed. You don’t need Sat. TV or cable. Nice to have but you won’t die without it. Now let’s say I’m spending your money and you can afford a couple of  Iphones or Ipads an Xbox or Sony playstation and a couple of movies and games. Let me see… I won’t buy most of those items I will save at least $100.00- $500.00 for each item. That’s not counting the monthly costs of the dataplan. Please tell me again you can’t save money.
The Ipad Budget for preparing  $500.00

  1.  Flour 50 pounds $ 18.00
  2. Sugar 25 Pounds $25.00
  3. Saf yeast 2 pounds $7.00
  4. Salt 4 pounds $4.00
  5. Beans 50 pounds $70.00
  6. Rice 50 pounds $20.00
  7. Oils 2 gallon $20.00
  8. Canned veggies 2 cases $40.00
  9. Canned fruit 2 casses $40.00
  10. Water 55 gallons $60.00 That’s a barrel filled with tap water or bottled water
  11. Powdered milk 2 big boxes $36.00
  12. Pasta 10 pounds $10.00
  13. Pasta sauce in a can 24 cans  $24.00
  14. Coffee 3, 34 oz cans $25.00
  15. Dry drink mixes i.e Tang, Koolaid 4 jars $22.00 
  16. Canned meats tuna, salmon chicken or spam $30.00
  17. $50.00 leftover for the stuff you like be it crackers, or meats or peanut butter, Spices, herbs, garden seeds or popcorn. 

This is a some what limited diet but it can be done a little bit at a time and it will keep you alive and healthy.
You have already missed the the cheapest food by a year. But it’s never to late to get started the most important thing is to have a plan, a budget and get started.


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