Welcome to prepping you nut case!

    If you are prepping,  I’ll bet most of you get very little positive support from family or friends. You are going outside of the box and leaving the status quo behind and you will be punished, mocked and condescended too. Heck look at how the MSM is portraying preppers as always just a little on the fringe. I think prepping is a rational response to 2011  in the USA. I googled USA disasters 2011  About 211,000,000 results and 14 different  Billion dollar + natural disaster in 2011 a new record!   Yet we preppers are the crazy people!
   You are getting independent of the PTBs and they don’t like you breaking free of slavery. Sure the chains are light and don’t hinder you all that much daily. The Masters are nice and tell you how much they care for you and they will give you free stuff…. food, shelter, fuel and security as long as you play the game! You are dumb, ignorant and your betters have your best interest at heart. The PTBs will force you into a health insurance program and now they have the right to tell you what to put in your body because “they” are paying the costs. Of course it is only for your own good or for the children.
    I started prepping because my illness almost 9 months of no money coming in 3 months in an extended care unit at the VA an most money was on me being carried out not walking out. I got lucky as my VA care covered my medical bills. In today’s world of Obamacare I would have been refused aggressive treatment.
     For myself I love feeling of confidence and competence I get from being prepared. This 5 day water test has me excited not fearful. I’ve added challenge  by assuming no sewer system and not using the hot water tank has got me thinking on how I’ll handle just basic stuff and trying it out!  I got my second barrel today and I’m filling it up slowly and I have to tell you she looks great sitting on the pallet and I know I have more than enough water stored. I will use my camp jugs first and that way I can test how much water I’ll want to use daily and have a solid measurement without rationing water. 


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