How long do you have to prepare?

The rest of your life! I know most everyone want’s to know if and when the big crunch comes but I have no clue how long we have to get ready. Some folks have already faced disasters that happen everyday and they are still plugging away.
It not all bad news and rising prices. Sure fuel and food are rising but if you are looking for the hardware of prepping the prices are down or at least stable. You can pick up a lot of great buys second hand from folks that need cash in a hurry or have overextended themselves. You have to be patient and don’t get desperate that you need that “item” right now.
For example the wood stove I want to buy is going to cost around $1000.00 for everything that’s the wood, stove pipe and safety items that have to be installed. I already have a kerosene heater ($5.00 yardsale) a Mr. Buddy heater($45.00 pawnshop) so I can take my time and shop carefully as I’m not in panic mode. This comes back to the Mental and spiritual aspects of preparing and survival. If you start get that panic or feeling of desperation STOP! Don’t buy anything until you can identify why you feel that way.
I looked for a couple of years for my water barrels. I didn’t want to pay $60.00 + shipping when I had already stored over 60 gallons of water for free in soda bottles. The barrels were a want to have not a need. It was a good buy for $35.00 as it freed up a lot of space that my soda bottles took up. After storing my water in soda bottles for a year the water was still good after adding a little oxygen passing the water between a couple of pitchers. I used green tinted bottles and stored them away from sunlight using City water. I didn’t ignore my water needs until I had the perfect solution. I started storing water in the best cheap solution right away.
Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good! Start small, your first garden might be an herb garden in the window. If you look at the price of fresh herbs in the grocery store this is a great place to save money, fresh herbs really punch up the flavor of your cooking and many herbs have medicinal qualities. Many herbs will reseed themselves and are sustainable for a one time cost. Go to the dollar stores in the spring and you can get six or eight packages of seeds for a dollar. I have had most of those seeds I’ve planted reseed themselves two and three years running.
Don’t get fearful and don’t do anything in a panic. Stop take your time, start small and you will become not only prepared for a disaster but for the rest of your life!


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