"Don’t be Evil" Google will change its Terms of service

I’ll be spending next month moving everything to wordpress blog. for last couple of years I’ve been getting more concerned with Google’s business model. My privacy is exactly that MINE and belongs to me. If I chose to give someone data that is my choice not Googles.
The new site will be https://myadventuresinselfreliance.wordpress.com/
and I’ll be working to move everything over to wordpress and off of blogspot by Feb 29 2012.
I’m getting a few solicitations for sales on this blog. I don’t mind making money but I’m still prepping on the cheap and I won’t recommend something without testing it out personally. I hate wasting money my own or someone else’s and trust is to valuable to lose to just money. I’ll use my Country store spot for posting sales and items I have bought, used and recommend.
Don’t worry I’m not leaving you and I think wordpress is going to give me a lot more options to make this information even better for the future! But I maybe doing some grinding to get everything moved over to the new site. Another reason I’m planning on taking all of Febuary to get it done. It probably won’t take that long but I prefer to under promise and over deliver.
This might be something you folks on blogger may consider for your own blogs. I will give you my ups, downs and lessons learned so if you want to change over to wordpress.

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  1. Matt says:

    I use an app on Firefox that blocks all the cookies that Google uses to track you. Check it out before you jump ship. It's called Ghostery. But Yes, I have the same notion to change over. I even already have a blog set up on WordPress under a different name just in case I decide to move.

  2. I am seriously considering the change too! Rumor has it Goggle is NSA site anyway!Now that I have computer straightened out it might be easier I tried to go to wordpress when I thought it was blogger.All my names are already taken,and it kept telling me to use small case letters which I was. Might be worth a try again.ChinaIII

  3. I got most of this blog moved and but I'm still working on showing all the comments from Sept. forward. The comments are at wordpress they just don't show. I'll check out that addon Matt as I can't move one of my emails off google.

  4. Jamie says:

    I’m still moving my blog roll over. I’ll get everyone done it just take some time and I left a big buffer date. I’m a bit peved I can’t get comments loaded on the wordpress site from Sept. 2011. But I gave myself a month to figure it.

  5. I started out with wordpress but when I saw everyone using blogger, I jumped over. i still have my wordpress but I have not used it since like Aug. Maybe I will fire it back up and run 2 for awhile.

    Jamie, I am following both of yours until you cut off blogger.

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