Half of all Idaho’s EBT cards loaded late or a little disaster averted

I got  few things at Cash and Carry the 1st of Feb.  Since they don’t accept food stamps they do not have a crush of people on the first of the month. My mother unfortunately face Winco and a very late funding of EBT cards. Most folks were polite but my Mom saw the shelves  getting empty and Winco unable to keep pace with the amount of shoppers.   Everyone on or off  assistance must have additional food stuffs on hand as this little computer glitch shows up.  Shopping a couple of days later than the first of the month will save you on stress if nothing else.  You need to shop before you run out not as you run out of food.  If this little fiasco had coincided with a Friday payday or even a storm warning you can see how quickly a glitch in a computer,  freak of weather or just the calendar date could create a real problem.  Add in a few folks tweeting Winco and Walmart shelves are empty and you could have pandemonium.  I think this shows how a couple of random events could create havoc,  because of Just In Time (JIT) delivery there is no slack or buffer in the system.  You must create your own buffer.

I got my major shopping done today and hit some good deals at True Value hardware store.  My toilet seat that came when I bought the house was a wood seat and a joint separated this last weekend. So I went on line and check out a few of the big box stores and I could get a seat around $10.00 which isn’t a bad price .  I checked the new True Value online flyer and a seat was $5.00,  so  I bought it and installed it today. I like the plastic fittings better than the metal ones that rusted on the old seat.  While at True value I picked up a couple more LED Flashlights for $2.00 each and they came with batteries so I think they were a good buy.  One 2 gallon insulated drink jug cost me $20.00 but that gives me 3 gallons of potential hot/warm water for my 5 day no tap water test.

At Biglots I picked up 2 more double packs of Always napkins. Having enough of feminine protection will be darn important plus they can be used as bandages.  Four more T-shirts at Jo-anns for $10.00 and now Sweat shirts and pants will be going on sale so another few pairs of pants and tops and clothing will be stocked up for a couple of years. I think cotton will really start to rise in cost this year so get those items when you find them on sale. I’m doing well on everything but I’d like to pick up another 6 pack of socks and cotton undies if I see them on sale.  I stick with Jerzees or Hanes for quality cotton sweats or undies.

I’m still getting used to wordpress and adding my blog roll and making a few mistakes along the way as I get used to the new dashboard ans how wordpress does things different than Blogger.  Not  in a bad way, I like the dashboard of wordpress better but it’s a little different and making sure I save stuff correctly and using some of the buttons is taking a little time to become second nature.  I really like the Page setup a lot better than blogger.  But adding in the gadgets to blogger was easier starting out.


4 Responses to Half of all Idaho’s EBT cards loaded late or a little disaster averted

  1. riverrider says:

    hi, this format is easier to leave a comment also…i’ve been reading your blog on the other side for some time. i think you’re doing a great job, keep it up. i’m a retired MSG, due to broken back and crushed arm, and fairly hardcore prepper. thats my “job” right now. i cashed out my TSP and paid off the house and other bills, put most of the rest in preps. i keep a small nestegg in cash,jic, but have no illusions that it will be there when i need it. we put in a rainwater collection system w/1100 gal capacity, a small solar system(just enough for a few lights and recharging everything) and beau coup food. we are continueing our efforts, you know, “improving our position”. i’m adding beer making to my list of future preps, i do love a good brew:) take care and stack it high.

  2. riverrider says:

    p.s.- in ref to the ebt cards….here on the east coast, the entitled class will lose what remains of their civility if their checks are late. thats one major reason that i prep. the JIT marketing is another. we had a good snow a few years ago and you couldn’t find a can of anything on the shelf in 3 days. the DOT guys towed in a bread truck and fights broke out. i watched it from my retreat on my 12volt tv drinking a hot cup of joe made on the wood stove……. and the wife and i never go to the store,restaurant or anything for the first few days of the month.too crowded and ticks us off that some people eat lobster and steak on our tax dollars while we eat burgers and bologna, knowing they’ll be broke and crying the blues before the next check comes. they go to the church food banks but throw away the anything that requires cooking….again, i enjoy reading your blog and i’m constantly amazed at what you can do with so little resources. take care.

  3. Gods-Hammer says:

    @ riverrider, Thanks for your service MSG,
    I am in the east as well; it doesn’t even take a desperate situation to spark civil disturbances here anymore all it takes is opportunity… flash mobs have been “looting” convenience stores or beating up folks at random …. well mostly caucasions at random. Any fool who goes to a sporting event in Philadelphia is risking his life or at least a good beat down.
    @Adventures In Self-reliance, How is you installation for your barrels going? are you staying with a siphon or turning one on its side?

  4. Jamie says:

    @ River I’m glad this new site is easier for you to comment. I live for comments!!
    Perhaps it is because Idaho still has that small town feel or because we still have a huge volunteer/ help the community as individuals but we don’t have many of those problems. Then again it might be that a lot of us are armed! LOL
    @ Hammer I went with the siphon method as my barrels are installed in the basement so without a lot of work I’ll still be packing water upstairs to use it. I still have several of my 5 gallon camp jugs that I can move to where I need them and after my 5 day water test I’ll have a btter idea how things work out.
    I do have a couple of spigots just in case I want to try placing the barrels on their sides.

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