I’ve been a bit peeved at the PTBs, hence the lack of posts

Between the the US emperor Obama’s announcements about what we must do,  to the destruction of property and contract law.  The irony of Greece the birthplace of western civ.  burning and a hack PM appointed by the EU lecturing Greek citizens on democracy. I found myself so angry that I couldn’t post a true coherent thought, it was freeform rant at it’s most basic level.  I believe I started 5 different  drafts and all descended in to rants and while it might help me none were particularly helpful to a prepper. So  I got most of it out of my system without inflicting it on most of you and we are moving along because life doesn’t end just cause the PTBs are dolts and it should give us an extra incentive to prepare as the PTBs are Dolts.

Today I got 2 of my little raised beds turned over. The leaves I left on top really seemed to add to the soil and the Cardboard grass blocker decomposed while blocking the grass from growing. The soil is almost black and looks great for planting this spring. I went through a couple of seed catalogs and have picked out some great new plants for both indoors and out  that I’ll be ordering on the 1st of March and neighborhood seed exchange happens this weekend.  I’ll be adding some container gardening to my raise beds and this year I’m adding an edible landscaping to the front yard.

This is going to be a busy week for shopping as far as getting a some additional long term items. We have a gunshow on the 18th and you can pick up all kinds of neat stuff that is great for your average prepper. Just make sure you do you homework on the average prices, have cash on hand and most critical be able to walk away from any deal if it’s not right for you.  I’ve been looking for a good hunting rifle and I did some research and I think I found a few different rifles that will do what I want and what I can expect to pay.

I have the new shopping list for food and I’m looking to do  more dehydrating the basics for soups, stews and some interesting ideas for pasta and meat combos.  I think I figured out some breakfast meal in a jar that I’ll be working on this month. One thing about prepping you can always do more for the future.

So get your thinking caps on and make up your need to have and want to have lists for yardsales, thrift stores and the various shows that begin this time of year. Plan your budget, set aside some cash and know a fair market price.  Remember cash is king and being able to walk away gives you power in any deal.

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  1. SciFiChick says:

    Oh! Thanks for reminding me about getting my cash put back for yard sales n such. I never remember till it’s right up on time to go “sale-ing” I’ll try to put some cash back early…. Thanks!
    As for the “stuff” going on… well… you know how I feel.

  2. Matt says:


    It’s worth mentioning that with the items Jamie mentioned in her first paragraph, plus the way the situation between Iran, Israel, & Syria is starting to shape up, everyone needs to double check their basics and make sure they are set to go. Once the Stuff hits the fan, prices will explode, plus you may find yourself fighting crazy (er) people trying to get what you need…. basically, it’ll be too late.

    It may happen sooner that we think. Things are speeding up faster than most realize.

  3. Don’t know what you are looking for in hunting rifle, but I would make one (negative) suggestion.
    Stay away from the .30-30 platform. Its a good rifle and is a notorious deerslayer, but the platform is abusive on bodies, not just the deer. The range on it is less than that of an SKS/AK due to the bullet design. A good design for the once a year hunt or defending the barn from ‘Yotes, but not that practical for a prepper.

    just my .02

  4. denimflyz says:

    I have been fed up for quite some time, only I’m just getting what I can get with the money I have and quietly go on.
    I have been starting some seeds and playing in the seed starting dirt and it has been quite refreshing to do so, and a great way for myself, personally to de-stress. I can see the prices in the grocery starting to go through the roof, so I am working right as we speak to get things in order for the garden.
    I feel as the others here do, she’s com’in down the pike, its just I don’t know when.
    I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with the powers that be are starting a new regulation for poultry flocks including small flocks and large, and then working to restrict personal gardening.
    Power to us all…

  5. riverrider says:

    don’t forget the GOODWILL stores. it’s tax season and all the better off folks donate their stuff for the tax writeoff. lots of good stuff, some new in the box. good luck!

  6. Jamie says:

    Sci-fi I started doing a shopping list for 2nd hand stuff and the top price I would pay in Jan-Feb. for the last couple of years and it has helped me a lot
    Matt You look at all that has happen since 2007 and the change is stagering.
    dio I’m looking at 30-06, 308, 7mm-08 and 270 as a genenal guideline
    denim there seems to be something about putting your hands and dirt and watching those little plants grow that relieves stress and makes me hopeful

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