Went to the Gunshow today…..

Didn’t buy a darned thing.  Almost all of the prices were ridiculously high and I always have my budget in mind.  They often use the trick of overpricing stuff a bit to allow for bargaining but this was insane as some of the stuff was priced 2 times retail cost.  But it was a good day anyway as Dad and I got look around and some stuff and then went to my favorite pawn shop and picked up a roll of Kennedy 1/2 Dollars and I put a russian SKS on Layaway. I didn’t get a bargain but I did pay a fair price and they don’t charge extra for layaway which is nice.  Dad is looking around for a small pistol to carry and he got a few ideas and know has an idea what to pay. I’m the gun nut of the family so I get to help when the family looks for guns.

I seem to be getting some of the smugness knocked out of me lately. I’ve always considered myself fairly intelligent and I’m waking up to how I have been played by the PTBs. Funny how you can always see the mote in someone’s eye and not see the beam in your own.  I am a slave to the PTBs just like almost everyone else,  I did not recognize the chains I placed on myself.  I can see why the questions to authority are so feared, just  questioning my own assumptions has been painful.

I see now how we are divided in OWS/Tea Party, Pro-life and Pro- choice,  and on and on,  I played the game, and did not notice I was the one being played.  It is not fun to find out you have been a fool or at least it’s not for me.  Now I am going back and having to question everything I believed. Now some folks would say that is the beginning of wisdom and I think they are correct but it’s very hard and it is changing me.  For the better I hope!

So you all get to put up with me as I work through some of my assumptions and learn to deal with reality.

7 Responses to Went to the Gunshow today…..

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    It’s a rude awakening I experienced myself a few years back. Hurts for a while, but you’ll be a better person for it. The answer is to pick up your marbles and not play anymore, or as little as possible. Hard to do on your own, so start working on forming your tribe…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jamie, I’m also in your spot to a certain degree. In the last 3 years I’ve had just about everything I believe challenged. It really isn’t fun to find yourself in that position. But on the other hand I feel I am wiser for it (at least I think that…), I am much better prepared for what might be coming, still have a ways to go, and some things I can’t prepare for as much as I’d want because of where I live and some things I can’t do period.

    But if I’d kept my head in the sand and played the game blindly as I was, I’d be completely unprepared.

    So like Craig said, you’re a better person, and I’d agree with on that “wiser” part as well.

  3. denimflyz says:

    We all learn through experience, and as age comes, we get wiser as we get slapped in the face or kicked in the butt.
    At 53, I have had a huge share of issues. Right now, I have lost all trust in anyone anymore, so its a long road back to trust again. I have re-enforced my fence up and will be even more strong to have control on most everything I can possibly do..
    That is why we blog. When we meet folks who are like minded, the “tribe” helps with the fence and the braces. I am quite sure, if you need a answer, somewhere here you will find it through gentle suggestions and maybe sometimes something you may not want to hear, but is the truth and the heart of the matter.
    We all will be here, I’m sure. I know I will.
    When I am ready to purchase weapons for a woman, I will seek your advice what to look for , I am in the market…

  4. Jamie says:

    I have heard the mental and spiritual aspects of preparing/survival are the hardest yet the most critical to the future. I am finding out that I do have a ways to go on something I thought I had already done. But that’s okay I do know I like how I am growing even though it is sometimes diffacult.

  5. Pickdog says:

    Life is a journey we all get to take. Many never become aware. Feel blessed as you are now amongst the few, the Remnant. God Bless.

  6. Jamie says:

    Thanks Pickdog I feel I have a long way to go and I’m just starting out on this new path, this new way of thinking and looking at reality. I think I have been resetting my thought process for the last few weeks/months and did not seem to notice it happening it just finally hit me all at once.

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