The greatest survival tool is your mind

What you learn can never be taken from you. Once you learn to read you probably can’t stop yourself from reading. Perhaps the letters or even words are in the place. Folks use the wrong words like they’re, their and there. Yet given the context the grammar nazi’s will come and describe how you used a word improperly. Or your sentence lacks the proper constructs and lacks clarity.  Yet they always seem to get the gist of what you are trying to say, though you may not have followed the rules.

Your mind can make it work, though what you have read has not been expressed according to the rules.  You use imagination and work it out and see if it can apply to you.  Pick an object and find 3 different ways you can use it for survival/prepping. A glass jar or mirror for instance think of 3-5 ways it could be used.  Break it down in your mind and how will you use it?  We are taught not to break glass, we never consider breaking it even if our lives may depend on it.

Look at items around your home and find at least one other use for it. If some one needs a wheel chair but you don’t have one. How about a desk chair?  That will  give them a little mobility and it is a lot easier to move a rolling chair than to carry a person.

It’s a cliche on out of the box thinking and I like think I’m good at it but I have quite a few Duh! moments.  I did all kinds of things to cool my wort beforeplacing it in the fermenting bucket and  adding the yeast.  Up to spending money on a  wort chiller because my sink wasn’t big enough for cooling a big pot of boiling water.  But my bathtub is great has plenty of room for several big pots of boiling water. A tap full of cold water that is easily replaced and after I empty the pot I can wash it easily.  I’m embarrassed it took me almost 6 months of beer brewing to figure it out.  I was so wrapped up in brewing beer and doing it the right way I didn’t let my imagination roam and work the problem.  My problem was cooling the wort quickly and safely, I simply assumed I had to do it in the kitchen.  Yes, a bathtub of cold water will cool your wort very fast to 80 degrees F. in 20 minutes or less.  Add this cooled wort to a fermenting bucket or carboy  filled with cold/room temp water and you may have to warm it a bit to get the yeast working.  Yes I read up on cooling the wort even had suggestions of sticking the pot in a snow bank and not one suggestion of a bathtub full of cool water.

We put restraints on our imagination as adults. The first step in problem solving is define the problem then find solutions. I was looking at solutions from others for the problem and never tried to solve it for myself.  I used  the experts when I should have used my brain.  Look around your home, yard and garage and find a new use for an everyday item.  Think of new ways to use common objects. I think you might be surprised on what you may come up with and how you will start automatically thinking of all the ways you can use any given object.  It takes some practice at first, and if you are stuck ask an 8 year old child,  google it or ask someone who went through tough times.  Once you get in the habit you will find you will get better at it. Recycle and green sites are great for reusing stuff. Some of it’s dumb but it may spark a new idea in you.

Your imagination and adaptability will be a huge factor when thing change. Start using them today and you may surprise yourself on what you think up!

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  1. Matt says:

    And my head I’d be scratchin’
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain

    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

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