Big Storm rolling in

Got a bit of snow today it didn’t stick as it has been in the 40-50s most days.  On Wed. though the front is supposed to hit hard with winds 40-60 mph.  So I’ve been puttering around making sure nothing can blow around and become a hazard.  My house is somewhat sheltered so wind isn’t usually a big problem. I figure on giving the house a good cleaning  Tuesday in case the power goes out.  I did the dishes and laundry today and I’ll do dusting and vacuuming tomorrow. Get a little gas in the generator and run a quick test and make sure my extension cords are where they are supposed to be and untangled.

I need to grab a propane hose adapter for my little oven and Mr. Heater. Going from the 1 pound tanks to a standard tank. I can get the hose for under $20.00 at the hardware store. I’d like to get 1 more full tank but, I have 3 and that should see me through any minor power outages.  Lights, lamps, flashlights and matches are all positioned for easy reach and batteries are tested. I think I’ll do a test of the kerosene lamps and another of the Kerosene heater. They have not been lit up this year.

As you know I got my SKS on layaway and I should pay it off next week.  I can tell you I’m darned excited to get her home and give her a good going over and getting to know her.  I still need to pick up some ammo and a bore brush for her but that looks doable. I think I’ll call her Sasha.  I saw an article on yahoo on  how layaway was a bad idea/mistake for a poor person. Some how it was worse than using credit. I can’t get my mind around that concept.  I don’t pay interest or a fee, and have laid away many items that are on sale. I got my propane oven that way and if I waited to pay cash it would have cost me $30-$50.00 more than I paid.

I’ll be drawing down my cash reserves a bit more than I like or feel comfortable with normally. It’s kind of funny as I used to have the worse time on keeping cash on hand as little as 9 months ago. Trust me,  I could always find something to spend it on that I needed and I never seemed to be able to put a few dollars in a stash and forget about it. Now I start feeling odd by not having a cash reserve.  I think I changed my mindset when I started thinking in silver.  I have a little junk silver and some rounds and I started asking myself would I sell my silver to get …….?  If the answer was no, I wouldn’t get it.  There is not a lot I’d get if I had to sell my silver to pay for it.  It’s what works for me.

This is the greatest part of prepping for me. Any kind of storm that comes I can simply take a look at what may happen and tweak a few items and be ready.  I don’t have to rush to the store and get food,  fill my gas tank or buy fuel, a stove and new batteries as I have everything all ready to go.  I won’t run out of clean clothes to wear for at least 2 weeks, and I have plenty of books and games to keep myself entertained.

I’m ready! So let it blow, let it blow


2 Responses to Big Storm rolling in

  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, I’m not completely sure where you’re having an issue with the layaway credit thingy, but I heard something on “Dave Ramsey” a few weeks back.

    He was using Sears/Kmart as an example. The lion’s share of their income comes from their credit department. All the fees, interest, and penalties they make here ends up being their biggest money maker. He went on to describe them as a credit card company that sells merchandise on the side… he then went to describe the modern layaway plans as being worse because now many people are using store credit cards (with the normal fees, interest, and penalties) and now are paying a second set of fees, interests, and penalties for the privilege of paying a little at a time.

    In other words, getting hit with a “double whammy.”

    I break that info down this way: “Why would I give my money beyond what I pay for the merchandise and necessary evil sales tax?”

    That’s why he says that store credit card accounts and layaway plans are best avoided.

    Of course, if you aren’t paying any of that extra stuff then it doesn’t apply to you. But that explains, I think, the article you saw on yahoo.

  2. Jamie says:

    I guess I would agree if there were fees on layaway. I guess folks are just foolish with money.

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