Testing my Sterno stove and stuff

I finished up the house cleaning for the storm and I got everything in the yard and patio ready or put away.  Looks like the weather service is down grading the wind to 40 mph rather than 60. Still a stiff breeze but a lot more manageable.  Plugged in all battery chargers and the Laptop battery.  I have one of those little Black & Decker portable power stations that you see folks use to jump car batteries.  I got mine used without the jumper cables for a good price and I love it. It has a cigarette lighter outlet and a regular AC plug outlet,  a  200 watt inverter built in, so it’s great for charging small items and I have one of those 12volt DC car fans that I have run about 48 hours on one charge. The cell phone is all charged up and it will be good for several days because I use it as a phone and not a toy.

I tested out my emergency Sterno Stove and a couple of containers for heating water. I was impressed in about 5 minutes the stove had heated  a cup (12 oz. Aluminum) lightly covered with tinfoil to about 120-130F and I think a couple more minutes it would have been boiling.  I also tested my Aluminum water bottle I got at the Dollartree store. This was a colored bottle in blue not the standard silver color and it holds 25 oz. I put about 20 oz of water in the bottle and within 10 minutes it had reached about 120 degrees F.  I used a bit of tinfoil to cover the top of the bottle rather than the hard plastic cap. I don’t know if the blue color is painted on or applied in a different way but there was no bubbling or peeling on the bottom from the flame touching the bottle.  I will be getting several more of those water bottles in different color as they will make a great way for rationing drinking water.  Plus I’ll be adding them to the BOBs as a cooking vessel.

The Sterno Stove I got on sale for $4.00 and it folds flat. You can buy Sterno Emergency Kit that includes several candles, two cans of fuel and the stove for under $20.00. Cases of canned heat can be found in your average megamart or in camping sections for under $20.00. Each can should last about 1.5 -2 hours and you won’t be cooking a regular meal on one. But I think for making tea, coffee or boiling water for a meal or for safe drinking,  this would be a great little stove to have on hand. I have one in my BOB and I keep one in the car in my little survival shoebox.

As you can see you don’t need a lot of money getting thing that will work for at least the basics and good enough. My total cost is:

  1. Folding Sterno stove $4.00 (on sale)
  2. Canned heat $1.00-$2.00 per can
  3. Aluminum Water bottle $1.00

So for less than $10.00 you can have several of these little stoves to heat water and won’t take much room and give you enough energy for cooking for 3 days easy with a couple of cans of fuel per person.  I think this would be great for folks with kids as the kids could have their own personal stove that is relatively safe and little food/drink packs.  You could make it a lot of fun by adding in the makings for s’mores in the kids BOB and have them practice a bug out.


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  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    Here is a site with directions to make an alcohol stove (individual backpacking size) out of beer or pop cans, although the directions are very precise you could fashion one on the street with a pocket knife if you needed to.
    here is a link to the WOOD penny stove again .. an individual sized backpacking type of homemade (from a can) rocket type stove that will heat your pot of water fast but it is really designed just for that as the burn time is sufficient to heat water for your meal or a can of soup but not for cooking in a fry pan. The WOOD penny stove will boil 1 QT of water in just under 10 minutes.
    fun to read about even if you don’t make any……

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