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I haven’t done a shopping post for quite some time as there have not been a lot of deals out there that really blew my skirt up. But I did see a few for the next week that look good and I will be taking advantage of:

  1. Big Lots has a walk in green house for $50.00 and 50′ garden hoses for $6.88. Both are good buys and are value added or at least hard to replace on your own. If you can’t construct your own green house on your property this stand alone and non-permanent green house may work for you.
  2. Big 5 Sporting goods has a couple of good sales on ammo, 22 long rifle brick of 500 rounds for $18.95 and a box of 50 rounds .223 for 20.99. Mom picked up a couple of S&W lock back knives for $20.00 and I’ll be sharpening the up and see how the edge holds.
  3. If you have a Cash & Carry in your area the have bone in pork shoulders for $1.08 per pound and some nice bone less pork sirloin roasts for $1.88 per pound. You have to buy 10-20 lbs. to get that price but if you want to stock up on meat quick and cheap it is an option.
  4. Walgreen’s has American seed company seeds 5/$1.00 both flowers and produce. I’ve used these seeds and they are heirloom and I have save seeds or simply let the plants go to seed and they come back.  I guesstimate about a 60-70% germination rate which is a little on the low side compared to most heirlooms you can buy but they are also cheap so you can afford to buy extra seed packs.

A few little FYI notes on commodities. The Ethanol subsidy was allowed to die and the USDA is reporting a record number of corn acres planted this year. This may help out the meat producers as far as lower feed costs. That savings may also get eaten up in higher costs for transportation and fertilizers based on petrol-chemicals but at least we may stay even on costs or have a smaller increase in meat prices.

My own little ramblings on the PTBs and how they seem to have screwed the pooch. I think the PTBs timing is off and the sheeple are starting to wake up because they are getting hit in the pocket book. They are still ignorant of why things happen but it’s getting harder to spin that everything is getting better when food and gas is rising and jobs are still not there for most folks.  I think that is a reason we are seeing the War Drums out against Iran/Syria to distract the sheep from the financial mess the entire world is in currently.

We are seeing the in the USA Red team(Republicans) against Blue team(Democrats) and lets bring in an emotionally charged issue like religion and morality to really get folks worked up.  Look at who voted for NDAA and think again if voting in your guy makes a damn bit of difference. Look at who voted for the Bank bail out or the folks who voted for going into Iraq and tell me again about the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Just 2 sides of the same damn coin.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Update on the S&W knives. Kind of dull when bought but it did not take much work on a stone to put an edge on both knives. The knives were very easy to work with on the stone and keeping a good angle was simple. The blade felt strong with little flex, so I think these are good knives for the price of $10.00. These are light knives without a lot of heft or weight to them. I would not consider these a survival knife but a good light weight every day carry knife and with a good sharpening quite capable in everyday application and gutting a a fish or small animal butchering. I don’t think I’d pound on it to get through a piece of wood and at that I think the blade would survive the pounding but not the whole knife.
    If you want a good light weight knife for every day carry, a good knife for the boat or camping that will do most small jobs and you will not mind losing because it’s fairly cheap I think this S&W would do the job. In a SHTF bugout situation I would use this knife until it broke and keep my good heavy duty knife in reserve.

  2. riverrider says:

    thats why i’m voting for virgil goode, on the constitution party ticket. no chance he wins, but i’ll not vote for those that gave away our blood-won rights. besides the reds keep shooting themselves in the foot atevery chance. idiots all. take care sarge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to be a member for the Cash and Carry, or can anyone buy food there? Food and goods prices are rising so fast, it is hard to keep up. Add on top of that the skyrocketing fuel prices and your standard of living has just dropped. Thanks for the shopping info.

  4. Jamie says:

    Annon, It’s free to shop and they put up a nice sales flyer on the website. They take cash or plastic no personal checks. To get the best prices you need to buy in bulk but they also have some smaller packages.
    Just know your price points and compare to your other favorite stores. C&C is not always the lowest price on all items but you can do well on average.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m Anonymous above, and have just started a WP blog. How do I sign in as a member? I am finding Word Press is very difficult to navigate compared to blogger.

    • Jamie says:

      I’ve been trying to get that sign in thing via WP into Blogger. Do a test comment or if you comment on your WP site log out and you will see your nickname, email and site. Save to Notepad.
      I did a comment on a blogger site and if you are like me you get a message to verify or you don’t own that name. Now on my WP site I have the Dash board bar with the name of my site at the far left and my name and avatar/gravatar at the far right. Click on your name and sign in to WP main page and my comment posted up just fine.
      WP states that your comments are via your name. But you don’t use your blog’s name but your actual name when you signed up for WP.

  6. Jamie says:

    I have to tell you I’m still learning about wordpress. I think the Dashboard is simple if quite a bit different than blogger. But you use widgets in place of bloggers gadgets. The pages are very easy to add and I like them better compared to blogger.
    I did add a email requirement for comments because I was getting a lot of spam, I have to WP does have a good Spam catcher. FYI I don’t see the emails I just want to stop the robo spammers without getting hot and heavy into moderation.

    Also at the bottom of you profile page they have a WP tutarial and walkthrough.

  7. Jamie says:

    Annon I assume if you can sign into your wordpress site you are doing okay. You might check your profile page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your url.
    It’s a bit hard to help on specifics when WP is is so diffcult for you to navigate. You can work around google by signing and signing out on your blog.
    Getting off google will be hard. They make it easy for everything. So they can track you, They are not making this easy because they love you or just cause they wonderful people. They have a product to sell and it’s your internet persona. I always have Google asking for a phone number and somehow that is connected to my password.
    I have no problem with google program for selling. I simply won’t be a part to it. Until they will not give out data nor be a party to censorship. I wont play nor see the ads they want to show me. Googles product and their choice.

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