It’s only $10.00…..

It seems every time the PTB’s or someone that charges you on utilities this is always the way they want you to accept the higher cost.  I often use the same measurement but to show how money can trickle through your fingers and perhaps having 4 Grande Lattes per month at Starbucks is a need rather than 50 pounds of flour or 20 pounds of rice. I think that is a choice and I’m only trying to show how cheap prepping can be if you work at it a bit.  I don’t have a choice concerning my utilities. I can’t turn them off without the city condeming me for violations of a health/safety code. I’m in town I must pay for trash service, needed or not. I must buy a min. of city water needed or not. On property taxes,  little Johnny can’t read or isn’t fed at home or teachers are struggling to make it on two to three times my yearly income.

I have reduced my my power usage becuase of cost. I don’t get a pat on the back for conserving, I get a hike in rates as the public utilities is not clearing the alloted profits because folks are conserving like they were asked to do.  Same thing for water and trash as I recycle and don’t put out even an average 30 gallon trash bag of waste. The USA has a surplus of refined gasoline and is exporting it along with shutting down refinerys because of lack of demand. Yet the price is going up quickly.

Suburbs are built with streets as wide as a six lane highway and postage stamp yards and if you want to grow a garden or have a couple of chickens or dwarf goats you will be in violation of some code. Then the city planners wonder why they have a runoff/ storm water problem.

How are poor folks supposed to eat real, and wholesome food if they can’t grow it? I can’t afford in the organic section of my local megamart, or a Whole Foods that does not exist in my community. I don’t want food stamps or subsidies. I want to grow my own food! Provide my own power and depend on me and not the government!

I have 7 years in food service, 13 years in the military learning all about sanitaion and was a inspector as well as a field sanitation NCO. But I can’t sell a loaf of bread because of regulations that my kitchen is unsafe because it’s not an industrial/comercial  kitchen. I don’t about you all but killing off potential customers is contra-indicated as a sustainable business model. But if you are Tyson foods and have lobbyists you can have you chickens swimming in feces and give them a little spritz with ammonia or bleach and everything is good.  Heck google pink slime or watch chicken nugget be made on youtube. If that doesn’t scare you look into salmon farming or GMO getting the green light for food and they don’t need to let you know the food is GMO.

But it’s only $10.00 for you to pay this month or this year and next year.  I really wish these bastards would stopp helping to improve my life. With my money.

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  1. denim3225 says:

    I live in a small rural town, that think’s its a large urban center with all the crime and crap of a urban area.
    I have city water, sewer, utilities that have gone up so much, and I have cut my usage quite a bit but because of the present admin. we have who wants to kill the coal burners, which unfortunatly is where we get our power, It is getting to the point that i cannot run my utilities, plus eat. Like you, my fixed income does not grow nor can I get extra hours on a paycheck.
    The only way I can eat IS by growing my own, which I do quite well, and provide nicely, but that is under attack, because the PTB’s think that they know more on how to feed you crap, like the pink slime, which I have seen personally when I was driving truck a long time ago.Had to pickup a load of that crap, and it was the most gross load I had ever had.
    All we have here for grocery is Wally and two small local chains. I do not shop Wally, I shop a small wholesale company who delivers to cafes and hospitals, so I get a lot there. No organic, except the farmers market we have during the spring and summer and fall, which more and more people come as things get worse, but even that is under attack. I sell herbs there, but even that is under the knife as I do not have a commercial kitchen to dry my herbs.
    I do not know where it will end, but I smell change in the wind as this goes on and more restrictions go into play and people get tired of being choked by more restrictions.

  2. riverrider says:

    is this the winter of discontent i read about in high school? that “r” word is coming up more and more in conversations among formerly “mainstream” citizens. i won’t live in the city because of what you talked about. charging me for things i don’t want or use is like the tea tax that sparked the “r” the first time. its past time, but maybe too far past to pull off now that we have ndaa, pipa,sofa, aea, etc to keep the thumb on us. i’m hoping for a peaceful resolution. if not, my military pension goes poof. oh well, i been broke before….

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