Good shopping week or stop whining and get back to work.

I got quite a few good buys this week, though the shopping gods seemed to be messing with me. I wanted to get my rifle off layaway but my local grocery store, Cash & Carry and Big Lot’s have thwarted that plan with sales. I did make a payment on the rifle and picked up a couple of boxes of ammo for rifle. Not a lot of ammo to start with but at least it won’t be just a club.

Pauls my local grocer is having a case lot sale and I really need to stock up on some canned veggies. So I picked up a case of each green beans and corn for $13.50 about .57 cents per can a couple of cases of ramen type noodles for under $5.00 and 36 rolls of TP for 6.78 for a total of $26 dollars and some change.

Cash & Carry had 6 pounds of bacon for $16.14 and butter for $1.79 an pound lastly a big bag of doggie bones for treats. Total cost $26 and some change.

Big Lot’s has a walk in Green House for $50.00 and Saturday night a 20% off sale. So there goes $40.00 but I think the greenhouse will be a good investment for the long run. I have a protected area next to the house that get’s great sun and little wind.

My Water barrel $32.00 and 40 pounds of dog food $13.50 along with ordering my Hops Rhizomes $10.00 were the last of my purchases. Total spent $147.50. I think I got a lot of bang for my buck so to speak. A couple of the items are long term producers or will save money, rather than use and it’s gone.

A great thing with this barrel is it should be the last time taking the door off it’s hinges to fit it through and the last time for filling the whole barrel 5 gallons at a time. I really can appreciate how heavy 60 gallons of water can be carrying it 5 gallons at a time. My next focus will be my water collection system via my rain barrels. I can see now that I could store 500 gallons or more total water through most of the year just using barrels. It costing me a little now and it’s taking a little time. But I’ll know I’ve done all I can to fix my water issue and it could be priceless in the long run.

I’m going to try a new system for short and long term plans. For 1 month I’ll concentrate on one aspect of preparedness and all that is connected to that subject and have a test. I have become much more aware of water planning for this five day test of no tap water. For the last two months I have added quite a lot of items and I had patted myself on the back and thought I was ready for a water outage before I got ready for a test.

What I have done to get ready for the no tap water test…..

  1. Added three 60 gallon water barrels, I had originally planned on two barrels as I could afford them in order to get rid of my soda pop bottle system. The third barrel I added so I could have a buffer and be able to help out non-prepping family members.
  2. How to have hot water and not use a hot water tank. Added a 3 gallon insulated water jug to keep water warm overnight. Tested a one gallon insulated jug and it will keep boiling water warm over 16 hours.
  3. Tested my little sterno stove and new aluminum water bottles for boiling water. Good to go and in the BOB.
  4. Two gallons worth of my soda pop bottles are now in the freezer to help fill in the empty space and will help keep it cool in the event of a power outage
  5. 2 big bottles of bleach and eyedropper ready if I need to purify water.
  6. 2 large self water pet system so pets have plenty of water for a week.
  7. Several water tubs and buckets to reuse gray water.
  8. Smaller containers and a siphon so I could transport the water from the barrels
  9. Added a solar oven with a Water purification indicator for purifying water using solar energy.

One reason I’m excited to try this test is I want to see how much water I will actually use daily. While 1 gallon, per person, per day is considered standard for an emergency. I want to find out how much I’ll want to use per day. Inconvenience is one thing, being miserable is what I want to avoid.


3 Responses to Good shopping week or stop whining and get back to work.

  1. Dennis says:

    I keep seeing 350 to 700 gallon water containers on craigs list, here in the land of sage brush and dairies, for $50 to $75 dollars. Only when I am penniless of course. Good luck. Living in a desert and not having a water plan that would care for my family and my animals is a deadly gap in my preparedness.

  2. Jamie says:

    Dennis, That always seems to happen to me on sales. But I try to set a side a little mad money in the budget, for sales and second hand deals.
    I went with the 60 gallon barrels inside the house since the will fit in a closet or a corner, and 50 gallon rain barrels as they look a little more normal outside the house.
    I’m afraid getting anything bigger in town would scream” Look at me!”

  3. Jamie says:

    Dennis If you can budget $35.00 for water, your local farm store or bottling plant may have at least some barrels at that price. Funny we often budget for food but budgeting for something as precious as water we blow off cause it’s supplied to us without us having to actively think about it via our tap. Perhaps dedicate a $20.00 bill towards getting cases or gallon jugs to build a little stock pile. Yes, per gallon of water it’s kind of expensive right now. But if you had gone through the storms across the mid-west and SE it would be worth so much not in dollars but in peace of mind.

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