Water test days 3 and 4 ending a day early

   I am just wore out, and I have not able to rebound this week. I don’t think it’s all due to the five day water test. I worked very hard the last month on getting my barrels filled and my stamina is sadly lacking due to my CIDP. I don’t want to have a physical crash just when things seem to be getting sporty.  I am taking this into consideration on my planning.

Even though I only did three days I did learn a lot:

  • I got a good handle on saving “hot water” for the next day using my insulated jugs and thermoses.
  • One of my 20 quart stock pots could provide all the hot water that was needed for the day.
  • Use several pitchers in the 1/2 gallon size made it easy to move water around.
  • Each toilet needs 1.5-3 gallons of water to flush once daily.  Have a bottle of bleach and add a cap ful after urinating to hold down odors. Yellow is mellow, Brown it goes down.
  • Get good qualty  paper plates and plastic ware to use and have enough for 3 meals a day for at least two weeks.
  • Use dish tubs to wash and recycle for flushing the toilet. Skim grease off  before dumping and don’t use it for flushing as it will build up and clog your pipes.
  • Be ready to fill every extra container you have with water every chance you can. Buckets in rainstorms, Using rain barrels and fill your tub even if you don’t have a water bob. This water is not for drinking and cooking but for keeping the house clean and it’s systems working.
  • Everything takes more work and planning until you get a system down of thinking how much water will you need takes a couple of days to become a habit.
  • I think a shower or bath once a week is needed and will be crucial to your morale as well as staying clean. Save the water in the tub for flushing.

I see now that 1 gallon a day might be okay for short term 3 day thing.  3-5 gallons per person per day I think is a more realistic number for planning long-term. You will eventually need to do laundry,  dishes and all of those other chores for staying healthy.  It takes a lot of energy to heat and move water to where you need it, compared to turning on the tap.  This was water that did not have to be filtered or treated in any way so if you are thinking of doing that you will need to add more time and energy costs to your water plan.


2 Responses to Water test days 3 and 4 ending a day early

  1. tea4too0 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do this test. I am sorry it wore you down, please take care of yourself. There is a lot to ponder on. You have given me some things to think on in my journey to self reliance. Again thank you for putting yourself out there for the rest of us.

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks tea, How this wore me down was part of the learning process. If water gets shut off for a while or permantly it would make things more stressful so it’s something to take into account for you plan.
    I have had only 1 full day off the water test and I feel like I’m bouncing back to my normal. I find it quite remarkable how much I need those “conviences” to live alone as a disabled person.
    I’m now working on a plan for getting solar power for my RV so I can use it to do some of the stuff I did by hand. I could have a big day or 2 of filling then take a day or 2 off to recover.

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