Bouncing back and have a plan

I’m feeling a lot better after a full day of rest. Still not at my 100% but feeling good if a little weak.  I did find a cool little gadget at Sportsmanguide. com that is a propane portable shower and includes a battery powered pump.  It’s only $100.00 and I think that it could be a huge help to me.  Sometimes I have a hard time being disabled getting all the things done I want to do physically.  So you put your mind to work and sometimes your pocketbook to find a work around to what ever your issue is for the day.  I think that little pump could be a useful addition all around the house and if I need to get water from an open source I just toss in the pump and let fill my buckets and jugs.  I can go with rechargeable batteries and my Solar panels it should be sustainable.

I want to finish up my total water plan this month as well as pay off my rifle.  As of right now it looks as if Europe has managed to kick the can a little farther but we won’t know for sure until the week of the 19th-23rd as quite a lot will be happening that week as far as numbers and reports.  I’d stay cash as much as possible and we may see a sale in PM if you are into that sort of thing.  I’m hoping to pick up a little “junk silver” to add to my little collection at the end of the month.

Don’t get crazy or panic. As they say “just keep stacking” be it canned goods, water jugs, ammo or PMs.  I believe if the the economy collapses it would make the Great Depression look like a mild annoyance.  The PTBs are working very hard not to see that happen. Not to help the average Joe but simply to protect themselves.  You must protect your self so if you use a bank I’d first recommend get into a Credit union as the come under different rules than a bank.  Keep just enough in the bank/CU to cover you checks or electronic withdrawals for bills and take the rest out in cash to do your shopping.  If you are like me it’s a lot harder to break a $20.00 bill compared to swiping my Debit card and you may find you save money or get more bang for your buck.

The world will not end as far as I know though we may have to scale back to more of an 1800’s  idea of technology. Your preps will give you time to make the transition. We have gardens to plant and plenty to do.  People have survived worse and we will survive this as well.  Get that bike out, chat with your neighbors, enjoy life. Take joy in the little things you do through out the day. This too shall pass. Besides if I’m completely wrong on everything I will have a kick ass tailgating/camping  setup.


4 Responses to Bouncing back and have a plan

  1. riverrider says:

    how are you doing jamie? everything okay?

  2. Jamie says:

    River I’m ok! Just trying to think of my next to do post.

  3. David says:

    I have the phrase ‘This too shall pass’ tattoo’d on my arm 🙂

  4. Jamie says:

    David, You are so right. I get tired of the fear mongering that if the SHTF we will go back to the “Stone Age” I figure late 1800’s at the very worse. We know how make steel, dams, steam engines and turbines, wire, telephones and radios and agriculture. We could have a great opportunity to do things at a much more local level. Such as Edison’s concept of DC power Grid but, via Solar and wind power for Homes and do an Industrial AC grid for factories. Sure it piss off the PTBs as the city and state utililities would lose a lot of the power to control folks plus they lose the “franchising fees”.

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