Figuring out what to do next….

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. That water test really took it out of me though I’m bouncing back slowly and I did get a little clean up done.  I got a craving for BLT sandwich so I bought some fresh fixins at Paul’s  and stuff for a green salad. I try to eat veggies with the season but Spring time always brings out my cravings for fresh greens.  I did a small batch of Onion rings and I’m currently drying the rest of my onions I got at the roadside stand in Oct. 2011. They stored fairly well in my modified root cellar, but I did lose a couple turning to mush.  I’m trying to put together some dehydrated mixes for soup and stews and do some test recipes.

This is a month that I have a 3 weeks between checks and I spent quite a bit on a barrel, the rifle and of course the last big electric bill for the winter so I’m in planning mode for the next paycheck.  I’m getting another rain barrel this one will be for the front yard to take advantage of the spring rains. I know it ‘s a bit on the crazy side for 1 person to work for 500 gal. of water on hand but, one thing the water test taught me is you can’t have to much water available. Especially when I have so many friends and family members who are not prepared. Plus one of the items I am planing to barter is beer and good water is absolutely critical for making good beer.  I also seem to have a knack for making good beer and have had great results so far compared to some of the other brewers on my block.  The neighbors and I are talking of having a little potluck and beer tasting party on the IRS weekend the 14th or 15th of  April.

Got some good sales coming up from garden and yard stuff to Cash & Carry having a good sale on bacon for $2.59 a pound that I’d like to can and some lemons and lime that I want to try preserving via a salt method I have read about,  along with using my dehydrator. Plus I love Lime sherbert and I’d like to use my Ice cream maker and try it out to see how well I can make my own sherberts.

I still have a seeds I want to order and get some starting soil for the plants and I need to transfer the dwarf citrus trees to bigger buckets.  I think I may have come up with a workable idea of a modified swamp cooler that takes no power and will reduce my summer air conditioning bill.  It’s taking a little time to gather all the stuff needed as everything I do in the yard I’m restricting myself to off  grid power,  solar or propane that I can control.

I know I’m doing good on preparing but I hope that the PTBs can keep it together for another 18 months so that the folks that are just waking up will have time to get ready. I don’t think the majority of folks won’t wake up until SHTF and it will be to late but every person and every family that is preparing now, is one less we need to worry about turning “zombie”.  If you are new to prepping and you get into the lifestyle you will never finish as it is a journey, a way of life.  There is always more to learn , to do and more to practice and use.  I suppose some folks will see prepping as a burden. Not me as I have done and learn so much and I’m not even scratching the surface after 3 + years. Most of it is hard work and can leave your sore and tired. Some of it is great like brewing a good batch of beer, making your first good loaf of bread, smoking a turkey and getting that first tomato off the vine. There is nothing like it when you do for yourself.

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  1. riverrider says:

    whew! i was afraid you got too run down or carried away by guys in white jackets:) correct, never too much water. i figure since we are supposedly 70% water,our preps should be 70% water, 30% everything else….i hope we have 18 months more also, but i don’t really think so. in my mind it could pop off any time now. i think we’ll be lucky to get thru the election…. btw, we have an asteroid passing between us n the moon april 2. some say so close that the earths gravity could pull it in…..i need to focus on fencing and perimeter defense now. still stacking in the food too, as like you i have family that either doesn’t get it or have money to prep(though they have money to party etc). …….something else about prepping: no pink slime in your food, yuck! arsenic in your eggs/chicken, salmenilla in your fruits etc, ect. yet they send a swat team to arrest an amish guy for selling organic milk…..take care. glad you’re okay.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I too expect it any day but I try to keep on working on short-term /Long term timelines. The water test kind of freaked me out by how much water the house uses to operate. It’s okay I got 2 50 gallon rain barrels full this week just using rain water, which is kinda cool and cheap!
    I’m puttering with my food dehydrators this week, which is Ironic given how I just went through adding water to storage. But I think having some pre-made mixes that could be added to a soup/stew pot would be mighty handy.

  3. Gods-Hammer says:

    Glad you’re getting back on track after the no water stress test.
    If things are greening up there and you like to dehydrate….. this is an excellent time to harvest and dehydrate Dandelion Leaves (they are tender & yummy in spring). They are very nutritious and add well into soups or eggs, for example.

    •Dandelion greens are high in vitamin A in the form of antioxidant carotenoid and vitamin C
    •They also contain calcium and potassium

    My Mammy and Grammy used to make dandelion greens and BACON salad every spring mmmmmmmm (that is a tasty memory)
    : )

    You might want to build a Sand Bio filter; to filter your rain water if it could pick up contaminants on a roof on its way to the barrel …. maybe to filter potable water only. The advantage to a sand bio filter would be the ability to build it to suit your gallons per day needs AND to replace the filtration media (sand) if the event goes on longer enough to gunk up the filter. Some of the better family size filter elements will filter 3000 gallons of water before recommended replacement but if you run out of filter elements; you are dependent on the “system” functioning.

    Supposedly the sand bio filter sand media never needs replacement because the bacteria that builds up in the upper layer of sand consumes any nasties in the water….. I am doing an experiment this summer with that using very dirty water and clean spring water…. I will let you know how it turns out.

  4. Jamie says:

    Hammer, I got 100 pounds of sand for $6.00 at the local hardware store and some activated charcoal ( pet store fish section) for a homemade bucket filter. I’ve been reading that this type of filter is good for filtering chemicals as well as biological agents.
    I have 2 ceramic gravity filters and one small Katyden for the BOB. So I should be good for making potable water. But when you use 1 gallon per day as your standard and find you need 3-5 gallons per day to keep the home running and toilets flushing it was quite a shock. Plus I was using my own water and it wore me down. Can you imagine if I had to go to a central location to gather water and take it home.
    I figure storing about 500 gallons via Food safe containers and water barrels should get me through to the next rainy season and with a couple more rain barrel I’ll have that capacity.
    I will gather the dandelion greens this year I stopped spraying them with weed killer last year so this years crop should be safe. I’ll try dehydrating them as well as canning an freezing. I want to try the same thing with my grape leaves this fall and canning up some Mediterranean dishes for variety.

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