Just a little update

Mom is out of surgery for her knee replacement. Yep, the Doc said the knee really was crap, but Mom is tough as nails and did about 4 miles walking with me Monday.  She’s supposed to stay in the hospital for 3 days and she should be home by Friday. I’m going over tonight and check on the chickens and all the squirrel and bird feeders though we got a little more psychotic Idaho weather as it been snowing all morning and tomorrow it’s supposed to be about 65 degrees.  Smokey the cat is most displeased with the whole snow thing happening again.

Big Shopping day the 21st and I’m very excited to get the SKS off layaway.  I’m  getting all the ingredients for the beer tasting/potluck on Apr. 15th with the folks on the Block.  I’m going to do a Pale Lager and a dark lager similar to Dos Equis and then a simple dark Ale. That should give a good selection and only the Dark Lager will be a new recipe.  I have a  grocery trip planned for getting some fruits and vegetables for drying, a salt preservation method for lemons and limes,  and of course the Bacon.

One more check and all of the winter stuff, bills will be done and then I can start on the stuff for the wood stove. I think that will make a huge difference on the power bill as well as another back up source for heating and cooking.


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