Sasha is finally Home !

I am so excited, I made the last payment on my Russian SKS today and got to give a super close look and do a little research on her as well. I think I did good on the price and from what I can see she is is not a refurbished SKS.  Looks like a 1954 Tula with the original stock.   I got the box,  sadly no paperwork but I do have an additional  collapsible (Evil Black Rifle) stock and 20 round Magazine all for $300.00.  I had someone offer to buy it while I was finishing up the paperwork.

I’ll be giving her some extra cleaning and learning everything about the SKS for the next few days as this is the first Russian made rifle I’ve ever used.  I want to be thoroughly familiar with it before I ever load her up with ammo.

I did have a PC problem when I got up this AM but the Tower is working fine now. I have a Laptop that is my main backup and I could do most everything needed but I need to budget some money for building a new PC as this one is getting a little long in the tooth as far as technology goes and she has been upgraded about as far as her motherboard will allow.  I need to grab the Backup drive out of my EMP Box and do another Update of the drive.

My neighbor’s are on my network and have agreed to barter some lawn work in return for internet access and using my Laser printer.  They are great people very community oriented as well as looking to become self-reliant.  They, like many young folks got snookered by the student loan fiasco to the point that putting a degree on a resume is actually a bad thing for getting a job as they are over-qualified.  But, they are not waiting for help from the PTBs.  They put in a garden,  got chickens and are cooking , making real food and working hard to make this neighborhood a real community that works together.

So all in all not a bad week. We not at war and the economy has not blown up yet. Every month I get better prepared and with a little luck by October  the wood stove, the water barrels and the Solar setup  will be done.  Of course money is tight but I’m still managing to stay under $125.00 per month for my food bills as well as dropping my electric usage.  I set up my budget for inflation of up to 30% either the rising cost of living or a cut in SSD and VA benefits so while I’m not happy, I’m not hurting either.

The food dehydrating is coming along as a new way to store. The Beer making is going great and this year I hope to grow my own Hops and get some Malted grain stored for making my own Wort from scratch.  I do have a bit of a challenge getting a 1000 rounds of ammo for the rifle. But, 7.62×39 ammo is darn cheap to buy compared to most rifle ammo. Heck if it was easy everyone would play!

Last FYI Mom came through the Knee replacement surgery great and they may even release her early from the hospital.


7 Responses to Sasha is finally Home !

  1. Deb says:

    You inspire me every week!

  2. Karen says:

    How do you store your dehydrated food?

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks Deb and I hope you get some ideas that you can tweak for yourself.
    Karen I’m new at trying to dehydrating but I mostly have used the foodsaver attachment for wide mouth jars. It’s a cool way to use canner lids that have been used for canning. I need to practice using the foodsaver bags. I think they would be great for a BOB, GHB and just camping out.
    On the 30th of March I will buy 10 pounds of hamburger and what I like to do is some taco meat both canned and dried. In a vacumed sealed jar I’ve used dried hamburger that was cooked prior to drying. I think a good quality meat cooked through prior to dehydrating should be good 9-12 months. If canned 5-7 years.
    From all that I have read you should be safe on this practice and I’ve done it and had no bad reactions. But you are taking a a bit of a risk. Trust your nose and yourself.

  4. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Awesome! That is a sweet rifle and I think you will enjoy it. Much easier on the shoulder than a Mosin Nagant!

  5. Jamie says:

    Craig I think you are right. I think I kind of lucked into it, but I also think she will make a nice little “Boom” stick! Now I need to grab another .40 cal Hi point as I hear that the DHS likes .40 cal ammo to the tune of 450 million rounds.
    Craig sometimes I’m absolutely terrified and then I look at the PTBs and I’m no longer scared. We got a billy bad ass server that will track you in Utah it’s super duper top secret and we will give interveiws on how secret it is. Man, can you smell the desperation? I’ll open fire on anyone that tries to kick in my door and I don’t care what they call themselves. I will open my door politely with any one servening a warrant.
    I will comply with the Constitution. I will comply to basic laws and common human decency. I will not comply with 2 levels of law, 1 for the elite and 1 for everyone else. I will not play your game I will buy farm land, silver and gold at ever opportunity.
    PTBs it is a race and we will see who will win!

  6. riverrider says:

    you make me think there may be hope for america yet:)…..when you load and rack the bolt on the sks, make sure to point it at the ground. some, mostly chinese models, will slam fire when the sear gets worn. some will go full auto on you too. not very likely w/ a russian but you never know if prior owners switched out the trigger group. happy shooting.

  7. Jamie says:

    river, It’s been interesting reading up on the SKS. While I haven’t taken it out to shoot I have done a little dry firing and seeing how tightly all the parts fit and engage. I have to say everything feels solid and not at all sloppy or loose.
    I learned young that guns are to be treated as loaded at all times and my time as a unit armorer gave a very healthy respect for being totally familiar with a weapon before you shoot it.

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