The Car Box

I did a post on my charity bucket and how these could be given to folks either to help out or to move a long to new destination.  I also have a couple of BOBs that I’m working on but I thought in a pinch my car box along with the “Bucket” would make a nice addition along with the BOB if I had to go in a hurry and this combo could get me up over a weeks worth of stuff for survival.

The car box stays in the car at all times.  I use a plastic shoe box in the 5.5 quart range that I got at a dollar store. I like this size as it will fit under most car seats and so takes up very little room.  Also this box stays in the car at all times so you will need items that are not affected by extreme tempeture changes.  I was focusing on use in the winter time in case I ever got stuck in the snow so I’d always have a little some thing to tide me over for up to 3 days.  I also have 3 items that don’t fit in the box but are small enough to fit under the seat.

  1. Small solar panel:  Keeps the battery charged so you don’t have to run your engine to conserve your gas.  Perhaps even keep your cell phone charged.
  2. A modified snuggie:  The one I bought can be zipped to create something similar to a sleeping bag.
  3. A quilted wool  shirt: Not very stylish but great for creating layers to stay warm. Plus wool keeps you warm even when wet.
  4. Last but not least I have a set of jumper cables, tire and jack and a can of fix a flat as changing a tire by myself would be impossible along with a combo tool that is a light weight hammer, hatchet and pry bar.

The contents of the box are most of the usual items that you see and read about on the net. Remember this is “my box” you may need different stuff but it should give you the general idea as well as be easy to modify.

  1. The box itself should be made of the thickest plastic you can find.  You may be using it to gather snow or water so you will want it to be strong.  Make sure the lid fits snug.
  2. Contruction grade garbage bag:  My favorite multi-tasker for survival from making a shelter, retaining heat to holding water for a short time and using the power of the sun to warm water or melt snow these bags are very strong and don’t take up much room.
  3. Sterno Stove, 2 cans of fuel and a metal cup:  You can boil water make a meal and help keep the car warm. I like the sterno stove as it folds nearly flat and fit’s in the box. The cans of fuel fit neatly in the metal cup so no wasted space.
  4. 2 large pieces 0f Tinfoil folded flat: These can be used as a pan, a lid for your cup to heat faster or as a signal device.
  5. 1 lighter,  1 small box of wooden matches and two  9 hour candles.
  6. Food supply: 4 Beef bullion cubes, 3 bags of instant oatmeal and a 3 oz. bag of beef jerky.  2 packages of Hot cocoa mix and I went with “Real” salt and dried red pepper flake for a little spice,  1 set of plasticware (fork knife spoon).
  7. Emergency blanket and 1 plastic poncho.
  8. 1 small LED flashlight and extra set of batteries.
  9. Safety pins for emergency clothing repairs.
  10. Utility knife and 5 safety razor blades: I carry a Multi- tool at all times but blades can break or get dull
  11. First Aid/sanitation: 1 small 1st aid kit kit,  2 face masks and 2 sets of disposable gloves. 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer, a package of wet wipes and a small package of tissue.

This box is just for me if there are more folks you transport you will need more or bigger boxes. But I like the idea that each person could modify this small box and still fit beneath the seat.  It also works as a backup system if you are caught at home as well as always being ready to go in your vehicle.

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