The Shopping list

Cash and Carry has some outstanding deals this week

  1. 10 Pounds of IBP 80/20 hamburger for $19.95:  I looked them up and these folks don’t use Pink slime so we are good to go for both dehydrating and canning.  I dehydrated some 70/30 ground beef and I was not at all happy with the greasy feeling after drying. It still had a good shelf life of over 9 months stored in the fridge but I never really trusted it for regular storage in the basement.
  2. Butter $1.79 per pound: Six pounds salted for the freezer. I like using real butter in almost all of my cooking and I have built up a good bit canned already and I have to admit the canned butter’s texture is not quite perfect compared to fresh or frozen butter.  I think the next jar of bottled butter I get out I’ll whip it in the stand mixer and see if that helps  before putting it in the butter bell for use.
  3. Red onions 25 pounds for $4.98:  I’ll split this bag with my Mom, Having only 1 or two people to cook for makes it tough to take advantage of buying perishibles goods in bulk. If you are handicapped or work you can’t always can, dehydrate and preserve the food and both Mom and I think throwing away any food as almost a sin.  But 12 or so pounds each is easily used/ preserved for both of us. Plus the purple onions are usually sweeter than the whites and will add a splash of color in my jar and bag mixes.
  4. Shredded chedder/jack cheese 5 Pounds for $9.98:  I like the shredded stuff for freezing and blends of cheese work better in my oven baked mac & cheese rather than straight cheddar.  Quite a lot of meals can be kicked up a notch by adding cheese and it’s full of good fats.

Believe it or not I’m looking at $45.60 as a total cost for my shopping list. This shows how my shopping habits have changed as I’m no longer buying what I need this week but what I will need in the future.  Today I took over some  low dosage asprin to my Mom for her dogs. She wanted me to stop by Walgreens and pick a bottle of 72 for almost $4.00(on sale) yet I had the same amount of tablets stored for less than $2.00. Trust me a fully stocked pantry is  a great time and money saver.  This month even I’m getting hit by inflation but I will only spend about $120.00 on groceries  for 1 person.

The thing is I won’t eat 10 pounds of burger this month. Or  12+ pounds of onions  or 5 pounds of cheese. I’ll can, freeze or dehydrate it for later this year. You can do the same and when someone needs some thing you will be ready to grab it out of the freezer or pantry or you can create a meal at the drop of a hat as you have all the basic ingredients already to hand. No more last minute grocery or drug store runs as you have been buying and rotating already.


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